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Fraser Disney-Spiers Fraser Disney-Spiers
6/29/2018 6:34 AM

I've always wondered what I look like riding and hated watching myself. You always have an immage in your mind of what you ride like, usually you feel 'well me anyway' that your going pretty high and you feel that your semi stylish. I watched a video of me racing at a track and I looked like an angry cat but I have a longer frame now so I don't look so much like an angry cat. But in this photo I look like a cat just pouncing on its prey, well that's how it looks to me anyway.


Anyone else hate the way they look riding? dizzy

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Anthony Loves Subrosa Anthony Loves Subrosa
6/29/2018 6:36 AM

Grown man on a childs bike.

Ride for yourself and have fun

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TheDarkEnergist TheDarkEnergist
6/29/2018 6:39 AM

I have wondered, and there's a video of me riding (pumping) trails, but mostly "fat" is how I imagine I look. :D

BMX over 30: Eat clean, Stretch, and Pray.

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HondaCRFRacer HondaCRFRacer
6/29/2018 6:50 AM

Yeah I wonder how I look as well, I probably look pretty dumb, 6'2" on a kids bike... I can only imagine what the neighborhood kids/parents think of melaughing

But I don't care becasue I'm having fun!grin

I don't crash, I do random gravity checks...

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HavokDJ HavokDJ
6/29/2018 6:54 AM

I already know what I look like when I ride;
a dumbass
And I love every minute of it

Gave up on BMX to hang out with 13 year old soundcloud rappers, what a life, such a cool guy!
-Sheldon on Adam22

"The only future for BMX"

Yeah, kids getting shit bikes, breaking them and then quitting. LOL
-jbales on mafiaBIKES

I’ve been a 14 year old beginner for the last ten years

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Phunny93 Phunny93
6/29/2018 7:46 AM

I Believe the answer we're looking for is: Dork

We all look like dorks on our bikes guys.

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Mishinn_Control Mishinn_Control
6/29/2018 7:51 AM
HondaCRFRacer wrote:

Yeah I wonder how I look ...more

I was out riding in my street. A few days later, my neighbor apparently came over & told my GF that she was worried I was going to hurt myself & wanted her to know "what I was up to....". LOL. Needless to say, my neighbors are boring.

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Fraser Disney-Spiers Fraser Disney-Spiers
6/29/2018 9:57 AM

Haha yeah I agree with everyone we must look like dorks to an outsider. But if we are having fun who cares. I have never had a concerned neighbour talk to my Mrs or my parents when I was younger so that's pretty funny.

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TheDarkEnergist TheDarkEnergist
6/29/2018 10:03 AM
Fraser Disney-Spiers wrote:

Haha yeah I agree with ...more

True. I will say, as I get older I worry about "seeming" old to people...BMX definitely reverses that. I've been at the park and riding around several times now and get stopped by people 10 years younger than me that are SHOCKED when I tell them I'm 33. They always say "Oh man you look like you're 22 or some shit!" and I dunno...that makes me feel good laughing

BMX over 30: Eat clean, Stretch, and Pray.

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grumpySteve grumpySteve
6/29/2018 10:23 AM

I think outsiders automatically assume I'm younger than I am, but I don't really look my age anyway. Young at heart as they say. I know I look a bit retarded on a bike. But when I watch videos of myself, I'm either stoked that it looks OK, or disappointed that it looks crap. It's an immediate reaction.
I do worry about what others think of any clips I post, because I know the spot and know what I'm doing in the clip. But it might not be noticeable unless you really analyse it. So I've got into the bad habit of using slow mo on really unimpressive clips XD

If I had an iPhone, I'd get splice and do all of the irritating zooming in and stuff, just to be sure you can see what I'm doing. Even though it's pretty simple crap.

I'm just stoked I'm still riding and pushing myself a bit though tbh. If no one likes a clip I post, I don't get butt hurt. But Dan price likes some of my clips and that's good enough for me!

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Bulletpup Bulletpup
6/29/2018 11:17 AM

I think I look stupid on my bike but a lot of people seem to appreciate what I do when I ride street. Probably because I look like a clown and its free entertainment. Lol

But seriously, I get a lot of people digging what I do.

Except security, most of them dont seem to like me for some reason.

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HondaCRFRacer HondaCRFRacer
6/29/2018 11:58 AM
Bulletpup wrote:

I think I look stupid on ...more

I like that, "free entertainment"laughing

I don't think people really care about me riding, alot of people look at me like I'm a retard and I'm just some 'dumbass drug smoking punk' which couldn't be ANY farther fron the truth lol, I've never smoked/done drugs/drank alcohol etc. But I'll be riding along the sidewalks I'll say "hello!" to anyone I pass, but no one ever says anything backsad

But I mean, whatever, I don't really care what people think of me, I just like to go out and have fun riding my little kids bike lol

I don't crash, I do random gravity checks...

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Fraser Disney-Spiers Fraser Disney-Spiers
6/29/2018 1:01 PM

Yeah if I ever go to my local park I always feel really old dizzy but there are a lot of older riders out there like bestwick, DMC and Homan for example who still ride and love it.

Yeah I slow mo clips too to analyse them haha

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dave lawrence dave lawrence
6/29/2018 1:22 PM

I've got plenty of footage of me riding, and when I ride it ALWAYS feels higher/bigger/whatever than it actually is.

"Hey anybody ever make that mistake like right when you wake up in the morning and you believe in yourself?" -Kyle Kinane

"BIKES!" -Tom Segura

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Ved_goswami Ved_goswami
6/30/2018 2:22 AM

I always feel stupid on my bike too. I got a vid on the pump track at rampworx and I felt so fast but when you watch the vid it looks slow as hell.

An Indian on a small bike

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readybmxer readybmxer
6/30/2018 1:59 PM

I imagine that I look like a person who is riding a 20” bike.

Scooter kid trying to ride BMX.
Instagram: @scootereyn

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6/30/2018 3:30 PM

I'm pretty sure I look like a tubby old guy thst has minimal skills. smile And I don't care.

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ina ina
6/30/2018 4:30 PM

i look super clumsy cuz im scrawny and 6ft 1in

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HondaCRFRacer HondaCRFRacer
6/30/2018 4:43 PM
ina wrote:

i look super clumsy cuz im ...more

Yeah this too haha! I'm 6'2" and skinny as helllaughing

I don't crash, I do random gravity checks...

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Brayden_Buckingham Brayden_Buckingham
6/30/2018 4:45 PM

just ride who cares what people think

Instagram : braydenbuckingham
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Skylight Skylight
7/1/2018 7:52 AM
dave lawrence wrote:

I've got plenty of footage ...more


For the looks, I know that I'm a tall skinny kid on a tiny kid's bike, and I accept how weird I am when I'm on it, but things always seem 2 times bigger in real life than in clips.

I think that the lens must have something to do with it. Must be the lenses warping stuff X)

It doesn't matter where a train goes. It's decidin' to get on that does.

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Aitkenisgod Aitkenisgod
7/2/2018 3:55 AM

I've always wanted to look pretty stylish, thinking Aitken, Garrett Brynes, Chase Hawk, because that's what I enjoying watching.

However this sadly is not the case, however hard I try, I think it will build with more time on the bike, but I'm never happy when I watch myself ride.

Also I look child when I'm on my little BMX, that couldn't be further from the truth, I'm an old assed man.

If I could go a tenth as high as Larry Edgar goes, then I would still be blasting super high.

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Aitkenisgod Aitkenisgod
7/2/2018 3:57 AM
Brayden_Buckingham wrote:

just ride who cares what ...more

Agree with this.

But I'm not concerned with how I look to others, more how I look to myself.

If I could go a tenth as high as Larry Edgar goes, then I would still be blasting super high.

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NateBrown62 NateBrown62
7/2/2018 5:28 AM

I probably look like I can't ride for shit but better than I used to look on film

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TheDarkEnergist TheDarkEnergist
7/2/2018 9:47 AM

So I went to my first street jam this weekend, and was a bit self conscious about doing tricks in front of 50+ BMXers who are definitely way better than I am.

I realized almost instantly...this is BMX. Nobody gives a shit if you're 400lbs, 40lbs soaking wet, 60 years old, or 10 years old riding an 18"

Not to get too deep, but honestly I've never felt like I've fit in anywhere. Ever since I was a kid I've been interested in too many different things to ever form into a clique.

Riding through NYC streets with a mob of fellow outcasts really forged how much I love doing this and how little I care about what I look like or what people think, It was a mob scene of people that don't fit in anywhere, but fit in there. some ways I always want to make doing a trick look cool, but overall I just love riding and don't care.

BMX over 30: Eat clean, Stretch, and Pray.

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Phunny93 Phunny93
7/2/2018 10:21 AM
TheDarkEnergist wrote:

So I went to my first ...more

The way I see it hard to NOT have style when you do tricks on a BMX. It always looks neat to me.

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Shredkink9 Shredkink9
7/2/2018 2:40 PM

I don't really try to ride with "style" but within reason my movements flow with bike control for sharp turns, some tricks, etc. , I think a lot of people over exaggerate with style especially when they land a stair gap or a drop and stay all crouched over for 5 hours after landing... but I don't take it on a personal note, also some riders just literally have the slightest bail or fall off there bike and act like they are in so much pain, which really they aren't lol. I had a friend back in the day who quoted this "I like when I let other people ride my bmx bike because now I can see what it looks like when it's ridden" lol.

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booze booze
7/3/2018 1:01 AM

looking stylish while riding is what i am most concerned about i guess

also i always found that my facial expressions look awful on photos.
so i try to look more relaxed when riding.

but this sometimes leds to creepy output when shooting photos:

mfw my chicken jhalfrezi arrives / ?: @nico_s.c.k #35mm

Ein Beitrag geteilt von MaddTHREE8 (@maddthree8) am

IG: @_almost_crook

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grumpySteve grumpySteve
7/3/2018 2:15 AM

Handy hint for skinny guys, don't wear skinny jeans. Especially with either a skinny or baggy t shirt wink get clothes that fit you and you won't look quite as lanky

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