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sundaybmxRR sundaybmxRR
3/22/2014 7:48 PM

Earlier I was trying tailwhips out of a quarter, flyout not air whips, and the one I did I landed really weird cause I went too high by accident, landed and heard a loud TINK.. like the sound that your handlebars make when you land nose heavy and they move. It sounded bad..

Inspected my bike, nothing broken/cracked from what I can see, bars didn't shift, no broken spokes or chain links, headset spins fine, pedals aren't busted and sprocket didn't crumble.. So I have/still have no idea what the fuck that noise was.

Anyone ever have this happen? Post about it here, it's such an uneasy feeling knowing it made that bad a noise but nothing appears to be damaged. Rode it afterwards & it felt fine too so idk haha.

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tr1x tr1x
3/22/2014 7:51 PM

my bike did that last sunday when i did a half cab and landed nose heavy. it freaked me out but i still have no idea what made that sound and everything was fine when i checked

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handlebar-to-face handlebar-to-face
3/22/2014 8:06 PM

Happened with my cranks/ rear wheel once after clipping a jump, have no idea what it was but it stopped so i guess it was nothing serious

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Mikel8149 Mikel8149
3/22/2014 8:11 PM

chain hitting frame?

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sundaybmxRR sundaybmxRR
3/22/2014 8:16 PM
Mikel8149 wrote:

chain hitting frame?

I really doubt it, my chain's not that loose.

Upon further inspection, I found I cracked & almost split the front bumper to my seat in half haha but that's not that big of a part to make that loud a noise. Oh well.

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MaximusBikes MaximusBikes
3/22/2014 8:44 PM
Mikel8149 wrote:

chain hitting frame?

sundaybmxRR wrote:

I really doubt it, my ...more

Spokes dude. Wheel flex, etc. happens no matter what, trust me. I HATE it. Supposedly 48 spoked wheels dont do that. And 5 cross tend not to, but it sure does piss me off. Lol i have strange squeaks when i pedal, bc of my chain. I bought chain lube and it only works for a little bit. I am trying 3 in 1 oil bc that makes it stop usually haha

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dave lawrence dave lawrence
3/23/2014 9:06 AM

Spoke flex/loosening probably.

Or your bars creaked a tiny bit.

Check over all welds, check out spoke tension too.

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T-rider T-rider
3/23/2014 9:55 AM

Happened to my front wheel in a pretty big 360.



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sundaybmxRR sundaybmxRR
3/23/2014 12:30 PM
dave lawrence wrote:

Spoke flex/loosening ...more

Checked over all welds, nearly shit myself a few times cause dirt was lining the welds of my cranks & frame in a few places haha. I'm gonna go with my spokes cause a few of them were fairly loose when I checked it over earlier

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3/23/2014 4:04 PM
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feeble_to_face feeble_to_face
3/23/2014 6:04 PM

check all frame welds. Thats the sound mine made when i cracked it

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sundaybmxRR sundaybmxRR
3/23/2014 6:22 PM
feeble_to_face wrote:

check all frame welds. ...more

Already did that, @BNC doubt it was the BB, but I popped open my headset & the bottom bearing was a bit crunchy for only being a few months old.. Don't know if that would have caused it but I threw some fresh grease in there after cleaning it up anyway.

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Cellmember Cellmember
3/23/2014 6:59 PM

Have had this happen and so have friends, Headset bearing cracked, or a hub body/ driver bearing.

Just seen the post above.

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streetBMX streetBMX
3/23/2014 7:22 PM

i used to have this problem… i just tightened up my headset/fork bolt and the noise went away for ever

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bmxfromma bmxfromma
3/24/2014 4:53 AM

Happened yesterday when I carved into a hop 3 too much and over rotate a bit

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BikeAndSnow7 BikeAndSnow7
3/24/2014 6:42 AM

happens to me all the time because I have a broken driver on my hub . its most likely just the hub skipping I think

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Majestic_Muffin Majestic_Muffin
3/24/2014 6:44 AM

Probably something to do with the front spokes

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Shortdude Shortdude
3/24/2014 10:47 AM

Check front wheel bearings and spokes. That happened to me as well, but still rides fine.

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