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mrbmxerforlife112 mrbmxerforlife112
8/10/2015 12:20 AM

okay i have this assessment at school that counts towards alot of my grade (im in year 11). im doing my assment around BMX and a part of it was to do a survey, it would be great if you could fill out this 30 second survey and help a fellow BMXer smile heres the link

THANK YOU EVERYONE! ive had over 20 responses over night which is amazing, once again thank you for helping out a fellow BMXer smile

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aussiebmxer aussiebmxer
8/10/2015 12:37 AM


ride bikes, have fun


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mrbmxerforlife112 mrbmxerforlife112
8/10/2015 12:39 AM
aussiebmxer wrote:


thanks man

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dkTechEthan dkTechEthan
8/10/2015 12:43 AM


"The D.O.P.S. System"
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check out my bike check

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mrbmxerforlife112 mrbmxerforlife112
8/10/2015 12:50 AM
dkTechEthan wrote:


thank you so much smile

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Brayden_Buckingham Brayden_Buckingham
8/10/2015 1:02 AM

Lazy bit of I manage to visit this post I'll see this comment and make me do it

Instagram : braydenbuckingham
My Cult 2 Short

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mrbmxerforlife112 mrbmxerforlife112
8/10/2015 1:04 AM
Brayden_Buckingham wrote:

Lazy bit of I manage to ...more


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Skylight Skylight
8/10/2015 5:47 AM


It doesn't matter where a train goes. It's decidin' to get on that does.

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Liam82 Liam82
8/10/2015 6:32 AM

Done it man

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dave lawrence dave lawrence
8/10/2015 10:36 AM

Did it earlier.

"Hey anybody ever make that mistake like right when you wake up in the morning and you believe in yourself?" -Kyle Kinane

"BIKES!" -Tom Segura

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ironmaiden666 ironmaiden666
8/10/2015 12:04 PM


My Ride
My Other Ride
I've sold stuff to Ecuadevil, LLURider, and Mario.villegas90 with no complaints.
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blaaaaaaaaa blaaaaaaaaa
8/10/2015 12:34 PM


I love my bike but i hate myself
bike check

IG @curtis_cantbmxwell

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bmxsteve99 bmxsteve99
8/10/2015 12:39 PM


refs: hookjrclc, hardbmxtim, hatchmoses for sale and trade, kymike for sale and trade, blizzbikes for trade, and some other dude i cant remember his username, vrsapat956, colonydirt94, mario.villegas90, wolfen
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Carson373 Carson373
8/10/2015 1:10 PM

done bro

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MaximusBikes MaximusBikes
8/10/2015 1:27 PM


References: OneGuyIlluminatiEye, robinson79, Brian Griffin, The Horror Contact, StoreBoughtChild, C_Johnsonbmx, dkTechEthan, etc.

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Chelseabmx Chelseabmx
8/10/2015 4:47 PM

Done mate

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Brian_Griffin Brian_Griffin
8/10/2015 4:49 PM


F¬ Bom 5403692331

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mrbmxerforlife112 mrbmxerforlife112
8/13/2015 8:23 PM

thanks everyone so much for completing this! :D il let you know what grade i get at the end of the year.

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Killerant20 Killerant20
8/14/2015 10:50 AM

Done, hope you get a good grade man.

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