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Zach P-D Zach P-D
11/3/2014 1:48 PM



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Brayden_Buckingham Brayden_Buckingham
11/3/2014 2:48 PM

Seen it already but it made me giggle

I want someone to fakie hop it

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Zach P-D Zach P-D
11/3/2014 10:41 PM

that would be sick, but Imagine landing fakie after that...


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sundaybmxRR sundaybmxRR
11/3/2014 10:51 PM

If anyone were to fakie hop it, I bet Bruce Crisman could

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kaneBMX kaneBMX
11/4/2014 12:15 AM

Thought I was being Rick Roll'd.

Not even mad

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blaaaaaaaaa blaaaaaaaaa
11/4/2014 5:36 AM

Ha, better than i expected.

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B(avaria)mx B(avaria)mx
11/4/2014 6:14 AM


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OneGuyIlluminatiEye OneGuyIlluminatiEye
11/4/2014 6:38 AM

Freecoaster doesn't count

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sketchytravis sketchytravis
11/4/2014 12:42 PM
kaneBMX wrote:

Thought I was being Rick ...more

this. I thought for sure it was gunna be a rickroll.

I clicked anyway because its a good song...

then I lold inside seeing this

skooter... dont be a pussy

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Brayden_Buckingham Brayden_Buckingham
11/4/2014 4:11 PM
sundaybmxRR wrote:

If anyone were to fakie ...more

He's crazy, on youtube he does a 14 stair or some shit and tucks the hop too

Instagram : braydenbuckingham
My Cult 2 Short

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notorious NIG notorious NIG
11/4/2014 4:52 PM
OneGuyIlluminatiEye wrote:

Freecoaster doesn't count ...more

Are you fuckin retarded

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sundaybmxRR sundaybmxRR
11/4/2014 6:09 PM
Brayden_Buckingham wrote:

He's crazy, on youtube he ...more


Not quite as big, but I'm sure he could
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