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Ktm26 Ktm26
8/30/2013 4:24 PM

Anyone know any high end 18 inch BMX bikes?

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VitalBrad VitalBrad
8/30/2013 4:36 PM

I did a lot of research and ended up buying a MirraCo Redux for my son (he's 9). Aluminum frame and bars, cro-mo fork, the weight is decent for a younger rider.

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eskimojay eskimojay
8/30/2013 4:40 PM

I don't like cult but I think they make 18 inch bikes

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Mikel8149 Mikel8149
8/30/2013 4:45 PM

we the people arcade 18 inch looks alright.and 2013 subrosa trio 18"??

Check out my youtube channel!!

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K_A_N_E_ K_A_N_E_
8/30/2013 4:47 PM

WTP Curse 18"

I'm gonna need bigger bars

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Topsey Topsey
8/30/2013 5:15 PM

Honestly, a lot of the completes aren't exactly super high spec compared to their 20" counter parts. If you really want to go all out i suggest....

BSD TrailorPark 18" Frame
BSD Ghetto VIII 18" Fork
Odyssey Integrated Headset
S&M Enduro 36mm Stem
S&M Slam 8" Handle Bars
Odyssey Chase Hawk Grips
Odyssey Par Ends Pair
Eclat OZ Thick Pivotal Seat
Eclat Torch Mid Pivotal Post
Odyssey Bluebird Chain
Tree Light 23t Spline Drive Sprocket
Profile Bossless 160mm Crankset
Profile 19mm Mid Bottom Bracket Kit
Eclat Plaza Nylon Pedals
Fit FAF 2.25" 18" Tyre
18" Inner Tube
Alienation Black Sheep 36h 18" Rim
BSD Front Street 36h Front Hub
D.T Swiss Champion Spokes, Cut for 18" x 36
D.T Swiss Pro Lock Nipples
(Optional) BSD Front Street Jersey Barrier Hub Guard, 1 or 2 (Optional)
(Optional) Merritt S.I.R 3/8ths, Peg 1 or 2 (Optional)
Fit FAF 2.10" 18" Tyre
18" Inner Tube
Alienation Black Sheep 36" 18" Rim
BSD Back Street 36h 9t RHD Cassette Hub
D.T Swiss Champion Spokes, Cut for 18" x 36
D.T Swiss Pro Lock Nipples
(Optional) BSD Back Street Jersey Barrier Hub Guard, DSG is coming soon also (Optional)
(Optional) Merritt S.I.R 14mm Peg, 1 or 2 (Optional)

Obviously if its for a lil one you will be wanting a Brake correct?

Gyro Brake Set Up:
Odyssey M2 Brake Lever (I would personally see what style of blade the child prefers for the Lever)
Odyssey M2 Upper Cables
Odyssey GTX-S Gyro
Odyssey Slic Cable x 2 Lower Cables
Odyssey London Mod
Odyssey Evo2 U-Brake
Odyssey Slim by Four Brake Pads

Straight Cable Brake Set Up:
Odyssey Monolever (Once again check the blade style)
Odyssey Quick Slic Brake Cable
Odyssey Evo2 U-Brake
Odyssey Slim By Four Brake Pads

When i have a kid obviously a lot of Parts will have changed but if i was to magically have a child tomorrow & i was to buy them the best 18" Bike possible, It would be a long the lines of what i have just posted! I Hope all of that helps smile

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crazyclark crazyclark
8/30/2013 5:53 PM


This week's Sweet Shoutout goes to: biggybuggy!

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BMX_Forever BMX_Forever
8/30/2013 11:35 PM

Are BSD bringing out 18" specific Parts then?

S&M make 18" Frames and Forks, Total are coming out with some, and Kink used to make an 18" Frame and Fork, and I'm pretty sure they still do but I'm not 100% certain.

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