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nfiddy4 nfiddy4
10/14/2020 4:37 PM

Frame: Sunday Darkwave 20.75”
Fork: Odyssey R15
Handlebars: Merritt Andre 9.75”
Bar ends: ODI
Stem: Primo Icon
Grips: ODI Longnecks
Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolt LHD 170mm
Bottom bracket: Odyssey 22mm Mid
Spindle: Odyssey
Sprocket: Odyssey Utility. Misc.: 28T
Chain: Shadow Conspiracy Interlock Supreme Misc.: Black
Pedals: BSD Jonesin
Seat: Premium
Seatpost: Fiend
Seatpost clamp: N/A
Front rim: Odyssey Litehouse
Rear rim: Odyssey 7ka
Driver/freewheel: 9T
Front hub: Primo Balance
Rear hub: Madera V2 LHD
Hub guard: N/A
Misc.: N/A
Front tire: Odyssey Aitken k-lyte 2.25
Rear tire: Odyssey Aitken k-lyte 2.25
Pegs: N/A


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upnsmoke upnsmoke
10/14/2020 11:35 PM

My kind of ride here. Must be super responsive with the r15s. Does it ever feel twitchy at all? I like the litehouse, just set up one for the front of mine. Nice build.

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nfiddy4 nfiddy4
10/14/2020 11:51 PM
upnsmoke wrote:

My kind of ride here. Must ...more

Thanks man, I appreciate it! I just came back from a 7 year hiatus and the first 15 minutes was pretty twitchy but then felt normal. I’ve always ran primo strands back then and this was the closest to the offset. Definitely recommend the R15.

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upnsmoke upnsmoke
10/15/2020 3:26 AM

Makes sense, I figured someone who would run sub 9” bars and a front load must have been around in the late mid school/ older new school times. I love the balance of shorter bars with short back end and higher BB of the newer frames. I’ve always been nervous to run a short offset fork. Good to know it handles well for you.

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SoCalShreds SoCalShreds
10/15/2020 7:59 AM

Very clean looking!

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Dad_Im_Pregnant Dad_Im_Pregnant
10/15/2020 8:32 AM

I usually hate blue, but Sunday killed it with this fade color scheme. Dope rig.

Come back with a warrant.

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PastaIsLitty PastaIsLitty
10/15/2020 10:19 PM

Odi’s on uncut bars, a weird choice


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nfiddy4 nfiddy4
10/15/2020 10:26 PM
PastaIsLitty wrote:

Odi’s on uncut bars, a ...more

Cut bars are not for me.

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readybmxer readybmxer
10/16/2020 12:37 AM

Wow! If I were to ride street, this would be my ideal setup. Sweet job on the build!

Scooter kid trying to ride BMX.
Instagram: @scootereyn

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Franco802 Franco802
10/27/2020 5:36 AM

Sick ass ride.

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