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LikeRats LikeRats
3/18/2018 12:35 PM

Just finished her up last night. Honestly so stoked she came out perfect. Probably my favorite build Ive done so far.

FBM Hardway V2 Frame 21"
Animal Big Four bars 8.25"
Animal Edwin Grips
Odyssey Par Ends
Relic USA Elect Stem
Odyssey Pro Conical Headset
Odyssey R32 Forks
Profile Mini Front Hub
Profile Mini Rear hub 9t
DT Swiss champion spokes
Odyssey 7KA Rims
Profile Aegis Hubguards
Bone Deth Diet Grinder pegs
Odyssey Tripod Seat post
Cult x Empire Tripod Seat
Animal GLH Tires 2.3/2.1
Odyssey Thunderbolt Cranks 170mm
Odyssey JCPC Pedals
Odyssey La Guardia Sprocket 28t
Odyssey Hollow Key Chain
Odyssey Mid BB









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grumpySteve grumpySteve
3/18/2018 12:59 PM

I had a v1 hardway and it was far too responsive for my liking! But I had big bars that didn't help.

How's the relic stem? I'm really tempted, but I'd run it upside down.

Badass bike. I get so stoked when I see other fbm's on here haha.

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LikeRats LikeRats
3/18/2018 2:32 PM
grumpySteve wrote:

I had a v1 hardway ...more

Yeah Im not used to the responsiveness yet because Ive been riding way mellower frames for a while but Im loving it though. The stem is awesome though. Made in same shop that did the new T1 stems which are also good. I had the non USA version for a while and never had any issues with it. Ive been riding Relic stuff for years and I trust everything they put out. Pretty much if you like the geo then get it!

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Brokenbmx Brokenbmx
3/18/2018 7:24 PM

This bike might be the best bike on here!

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DanTheBikerMan DanTheBikerMan
3/18/2018 10:30 PM

What a beautiful build, glad to see another Big 4 rider! We’ve got a similar drive train as well. Good build!

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readybmxer readybmxer
3/18/2018 10:32 PM

Lookin' stealth!

Scooter kid trying to ride a bike.

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Aitkenisgod Aitkenisgod
3/19/2018 3:17 AM

Tidy build.

So many parts on it that I want, that Cult/Empire/Hawk seat, the Relic stem and the la Guardia sprocket. All future purchases I think.

If I could go a tenth as high as Larry Edgar goes, then I would still be blasting super high.

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rdtrls006 rdtrls006
3/19/2018 4:24 AM

Super clean build, those bars look killer.

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LikeRats LikeRats
3/19/2018 4:31 AM
Brokenbmx wrote:

This bike might be the ...more

Shit man thanks! Honestly it's amazing. I spent a lot of time planning it out and I'm really happy with it.

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LikeRats LikeRats
3/19/2018 4:34 AM
rdtrls006 wrote:

Super clean build, those ...more

Thanks man Im really digging them. I was hesitant because Ive been riding 8.8 bars for years and thought tiny bars might be weird but Im so glad I tried them out.

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bmxer_yoshi bmxer_yoshi
3/19/2018 5:47 AM

holy fuck your bike is nice.....

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3/19/2018 9:58 AM

Looks sick!

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LikeRats LikeRats
3/20/2018 4:20 AM

Haha thanks man. Super stoked about it

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4130Junkie 4130Junkie
3/20/2018 5:26 AM

Nice build! Yeah, my v1 is a bit sketchy on trails but I still ride em every so often

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Bryan91 Bryan91
3/20/2018 12:06 PM

Awesome bike, man!

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dead goon dead goon
3/23/2018 11:29 AM

Nice! Especially like the wheels.

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blaaaaaaaaa blaaaaaaaaa
3/24/2018 2:54 PM

Damn i like that!

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LikeRats LikeRats
3/25/2018 7:19 AM
blaaaaaaaaa wrote:

Damn i like that!

Thanks amigo! Im loving it

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Mishinn_Control Mishinn_Control
3/25/2018 6:09 PM

Been looking at this for a while & it's just awesome. It just sucks that you never seem (at least I don't) to get to a point where your own bike is enough. It's like every nice bike out there makes you sorta jealous. Lol. Anyway,-sweet ride!

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LikeRats LikeRats
3/25/2018 8:03 PM
Mishinn_Control wrote:

Been looking at this for a ...more

Hahaha I know exaclty what you mean. Tbh this is the first bike Ive ever put together where I didnt feel like that though because normally Id see a nice bike so it would kinda inspire my next build but Im actually content for once. Every time I walk by it I just pause and am like Damn thats a sick bike haha. But thanks man Im really happy with it.

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