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C50_lightlion_1398653981 Topsey Quote
3/16/2014 6:16 AM

There's A Little Back Story Behind This Frame. When I First Saw The Frame Online I Wanted It, I Was Not Aware Casual Was A Shop At The Time So I Couldn't Fine The Frame ANYWHERE!
Months passed & I kinda forgot about the Frame until I randomly saw on Cults Facebook Page they were doing a Shop Stop at Casual! BINGO! I got onto Casual & We worked a few things out (Bobby Is Fucking LEGIT!) & The Frame was sent!
Then literally 2-1/2 weeks later I was told by a Doctor at the Pain Management Clinic I was referred to that if I wanted to contine Riding 20" Bikes then I would have to make some SERIOUS changes to My Set Up, Including a MUCH Longer Frame & Taller Wider Bars (He Rode BMX In His Youth & Rides MTB's Now) So I now have in My possession a 21.5" Frame that will remain a secret until it is fully built in about 6 weeks time! For Now, I present You with My finished Casual! All Built Up & ready to shred as a Pegless Bike

Pretty Much The Same Parts As The Bike Check A Few Topics Down, Just With A Casual x Cult 20.75" Brakeless Frame & A Pretty Damned Old KMC Heavy Duty Chain!


C50_img_2265_1373236816 MaximusBikes Quote
3/16/2014 6:20 AM


References: OneGuyIlluminatiEye, robinson79, Brian Griffin, The Horror Contact, StoreBoughtChild, C_Johnsonbmx, dkTechEthan, etc.

C50_image_1378092142 Chuck8273 Quote
3/16/2014 6:38 AM

Im just happy to see a chain! Hahaha. Great looking bike, brother!!!!

Refs: Tito24, RiverSideRider, Stussy, Nettyspaghetti, Daniel24, Freddydapice, BrokenBMX, SuperstarDK, HardBMX_Tim. There's more, but I'm too lazy to look them up, haha.

C50_lightlion_1398653981 Topsey Quote
3/16/2014 6:38 AM

Thanks Buddy..

Basically You Know How I Like My Super Tech Frames & Usually They Are VERRRRY Short??? WELL, As I See It, I'm Stepping Up To The 21.5" For Every Day/Street Riding, This At 20.75" Can Be My Super Tech Frame As The Geo Is, Well, SUPER Tech! & The Utopia Which Will Be Finished In October When All The Eclat Parts I Want Have Dropped Will Be The Flatland/Occasional Street Jibbery Bike!

C50_lightlion_1398653981 Topsey Quote
3/16/2014 6:40 AM
Chuck8273 wrote:

Im just happy to see a ...more

You Know It! I Had A Chain I Wanted To Use & Fuckered It Up! So I Just Went & Grabbed A Chain From The Parts Box & Out Came An Old KMC Heavy Duty I Was Pretty Stoked To See It Myself! Even Better It Fit! So It's Staying Put Haha
C50_img_2265_1373236816 MaximusBikes Quote
3/16/2014 6:41 AM

I have that chain on my bike too, great chain right??

References: OneGuyIlluminatiEye, robinson79, Brian Griffin, The Horror Contact, StoreBoughtChild, C_Johnsonbmx, dkTechEthan, etc.

C50_image_1421860014 BMX_Forever Quote
3/16/2014 6:47 AM

Looks great, is the 21.5" frame the one you put pictures up of on Facebook a few days ago?

C50_lightlion_1398653981 Topsey Quote
3/16/2014 6:55 AM
BMX_Forever wrote:

Looks great, is the 21.5" ...more


It's Not Going To Be Kept Complete & Totally Top Secret, But For The Guys On The Forum & Not On Facebook It Will Be! Front End & Seating Will Be Shipping From Empire On The 20th!

C50_579076_549673761765071_443426546_n_1381071225 Zach P-D Quote
3/16/2014 6:59 AM

Jon, beautiful as always buddy, makes me want to change my color scheme and ditch the red...


C50_parkbikepic_1394913567 stompurfacebmx Quote
3/16/2014 7:01 AM

That is one nice looking bike! i also have that chain on my old wtp primate frame lol

C50_img_3642_1414886330 howlerfbm Quote
3/16/2014 8:21 AM

I'm not a cult guy, but jeeeeeee zussssss christ, disssss izzzzzz nice.

I love the frame color.
You never disappoint sir.
My new child will be up very soon.....can't spoil much, but it will arrive.

loud freecoasters.

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C50_s_m_gravity_400pix_1370722046 handlebar-to-face Quote
3/16/2014 8:56 AM

This is awsome looking man as always

Murica bike check
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C50_lightlion_1398653981 Topsey Quote
3/16/2014 12:10 PM

Cheers For The Comments Guys! Looking Forward To Seeing The Build Howler!

C50_img_20140614_163252_2004512666_1402756553 T-rider Quote
3/16/2014 1:42 PM




Instagram: Luislorentebmx

C50_4239_1145114383728_1103551448_30430912_2556825_n NevPen Quote
3/16/2014 2:53 PM

awesome bike, how is the the stem ? very nice !

C50_lightlion_1398653981 Topsey Quote
3/16/2014 3:56 PM

LOVE The Collet Stem! Despite The Worries Some People Have About Putting It Together, It's SUPER Easy & I'd Recommend It To Anyone & Everyone! Tree Have The Top Load One On Sale On Their Webstore Right Now! Deffo Go For It!

Watch The Install Video & You'll NEVER Have A Problem Putting It Together!

C50_image_1423173800 Soulrebelrastaman Quote
3/16/2014 4:08 PM

Nice to see you with a different kind of setup / colour theme. One of your best I reckon.

I want that seat

Looks great mate.

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C50_lightlion_1398653981 Topsey Quote
3/16/2014 4:18 PM

It's a weird set up I guess, It's still familiar but it's different like You said Kenny! The Bronze was literally the only colour the Casual Frame came in & I really dig it! The New Frame (I'll Email You!) Is My kinda "Style" haha. But The Build is literally NOTHING like I've ever ran!

C50_img_5944_1504598540 Brayden_Buckingham Quote
3/16/2014 10:31 PM

That frame doe ! Headtube sticker isn't from Casual , you put that on right?

Looks sick af !

instagram : wiillyybuckingham
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vancouver bc

C50_img_0884 FreddyDapice Quote
3/17/2014 7:54 AM

Damn man, looks great.

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C50_lightlion_1398653981 Topsey Quote
3/17/2014 8:38 AM
Brayden_Buckingham wrote:

That frame doe ! Headtube ...more

Yes I Put It On, It's An OSS Tony-Gram Sticker.

@Freddy - Cheers Buddy!

C50_image_1396922041 bmxfromma Quote
3/17/2014 8:54 AM

What's the geo on those bars besides the rise? And are they available now or are they older bars?

Honestly? Who gives a shit. Its the fucking internet. I hate all of you equally.

C50_lightlion_1398653981 Topsey Quote
3/17/2014 9:11 AM

8.69" Height, I've Cut Mine To 27" (Wish I'd Left Them A Little Wider!!!) 1 Upsweep, 12 Back & These Are O.G Ones, I'm Not Sure When The New Ones Will Be Out & If They've Kept These Spec's. Hassle QBP, They're Distro'ing Stranger, I've Tried Contacting Stranger Direct & You Get Shit All Back!

C50_579076_549673761765071_443426546_n_1381071225 Zach P-D Quote
3/17/2014 1:52 PM

1 degree upsweep, Jon I thought you said that you would never go back below 3... :O


C50_lightlion_1398653981 Topsey Quote
3/17/2014 7:38 PM
Zach P-D wrote:

1 degree upsweep, Jon I ...more


I Know! I Feel Like Such A Whore! The Bars Are Seriously Awesome! They're Stiff, Feel Stupidly Strong! They're What 4 Years Old Now? Still Going Strong! The New Bike Will Be 3 Up, 100% Promise You Haha

C50_image_1395007834 mitchovich Quote
3/17/2014 7:40 PM

very clean build.. my favorite build that have been posted recently

"Of course theyre compatible theyre cranks"

C50_lightlion_1398653981 Topsey Quote
3/17/2014 7:41 PM

OOOOOO! BTW, It's Up On Casuals Instagram Page Right Now! So STOKED On That! This Is The ONLY Casual Frame Sold Outside Of The U.S, So I Feel Pretty Privileged To Own This Beauty Of A Frame!

C50_1513231_597109690362312_995300266_n_1393537525 Joe_Martinez Quote
3/17/2014 11:30 PM

sweet build!

brakeless maniac

C50_lightlion_1398653981 Topsey Quote
3/18/2014 10:07 AM

8.5" x 4-Upsweep Tree Moto's With Chrome Casual Sticker Are Now On This Beauty!

Zach P-D Mentioned the Whole Upsweep Dealy, I Just Can't Do It Haha! 3, 4 Or 5 Is A MUST! Also Surprisingly For Me The 27" Width Of The Strangers Is Just Too Narrow! 28.5" On The Tree's Is Damned Near Perfect!

C50_lightlion_1398653981 Topsey Quote
3/22/2014 10:25 AM

Photos with the Tree Bars installed!

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