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misfitcartel misfitcartel
8/23/2013 4:00 AM

Hey guys this is my new video up on YouTube, and im having a hard time getting views, sooo, would u guys be able to help me out by, Viewing, liking, commenting on it!!! It would also be greatly appreciated if u guys were to subscribe!

">Gsport Birdcages (LE Ice Green)

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EddiMundo EddiMundo
8/23/2013 4:04 AM

tip: stop promoting it! its all i fucking see from you

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misfitcartel misfitcartel
8/23/2013 4:17 AM
EddiMundo wrote:

tip: stop promoting it! ...more

sorry, but it not my fault i would like to get a good fan base on YouTube, before i put my edit on!

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tomdon tomdon
8/23/2013 8:31 AM
EddiMundo wrote:

tip: stop promoting it! ...more

misfitcartel wrote:

sorry, but it not my fault ...more

Here is not the place to promote your youtube channel. WE don't care. And you'renever gonna get a subscriber if you keep posting this crap in the wrong sections. And it absolutely is YOUR fault since YOU want subscribers. Idiot

I'm on the vital legit list!

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Mikel8149 Mikel8149
8/23/2013 11:07 AM

This is how you get sub's: Make good video's, promote them like ask people with the same amount of subs or close maybe even more if they will give you a shout out ect. Not saying spam peoples comment's that's gay. Make a twitter and stuff but if you make a youtube videos just to "get a good fan base" that will never happen.

Check out my youtube channel!!

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misfitcartel misfitcartel
8/23/2013 11:12 AM
Mikel8149 wrote:

This is how you get sub's: ...more

i understand, i am not trying to just get a good fan base, i am trying to have fun by making videos, and hope that one day it leads to me having my own company/shop!

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Me? Me?
8/24/2013 12:06 AM

You lost credibility when you posted a bike check and didn't know what half the parts on the bike were, not to mention trying to pass off pegs you bought at WalMart as Fit OG's. I don't know about anyone else, but I wouldn't subscribe to your channel if you paid me to. Actually scratch that, that's about the only reason I'd subscribe, if I was being paid.

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Broughton Broughton
8/24/2013 5:33 PM

Your voice is fucking annoying as hell, holy shit! And what the fuck is vert? In your bike check you called everything vert. And you don't have gsport spokes ya bitch hahahahaha

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Topsey Topsey
8/24/2013 6:03 PM

So you don't know what half your bike parts are? You LIE about some of the others & then you tell us what colours they are when we can clearly see lol. Then you shamelessly spam this forum trying to get people to subscribe to this shit? laughing

Congrats... *Clap, Clap, Clap*

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Mikel8149 Mikel8149
8/24/2013 6:23 PM
Topsey wrote:

So you don't know what ...more

:D :D :D IKR!

Check out my youtube channel!!

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future FBM future FBM
8/25/2013 12:47 PM

Please please please please please PLEASE!!! Kill yourself

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Gump Gump
8/26/2013 1:44 AM

Wow judging by the way you act on here I thought you where 12. Your review and bike check suck

I'm a punk bmxer, I can't do it well so I do it loud.

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Brayden_Buckingham Brayden_Buckingham
8/26/2013 10:10 PM

Birdcage rims,"I don't really care about the weight but whatever"

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Gump Gump
8/27/2013 1:33 AM
Brayden_Buckingham wrote:

Birdcage rims,"I don't ...more

Yeah I thought that myself.

I'm a punk bmxer, I can't do it well so I do it loud.

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OneEyeIIluminatiGuy OneEyeIIluminatiGuy
8/27/2013 5:09 AM


Albes is Rad!!!!
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future FBM wrote:finally once we can share a momen
andyferly wrote: OneEyeIlluminatiGuy has spoken.
These bars are officially stupid

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KneeGrows! KneeGrows!
8/27/2013 8:15 AM


Crank it to cunt

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SnM An1mal SnM An1mal
8/27/2013 9:49 AM


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