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hulmes134 hulmes134
3/21/2011 4:40 PM

since the 2011 years all the parts catalogs for every bike shop have gone from 2010 stuff to 2011 how do you go back and buy 2010 items online when noone carries 2009 and 2010 parts cause theres alot of better parts from 09 and 10 that 11 didnt offer anyone having this problem ?????????
If you know how to get 09' and 10' catalogs please let me know

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accordable4sho accordable4sho
3/21/2011 4:43 PM

you posted this in the wrong section.

however, try the "sale" or "clearance" section for different websites.

Spikez5 - sold me rear hub
Rokstart - sold him forks, stem, cranks, bb, and free grips
cmcollins84 - sold him vandero2
beastassdick - sold him seat, pegs, grips
lee_ranger - sold him tire

NEW Small Parts

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~bmxDaddy~ ~bmxDaddy~
3/21/2011 5:09 PM
accordable4sho wrote:

you posted this in the ...more

haha yeah
and its harder to get them cuz
the companies don't produce them anymore
what's left is left or you can buy it used check
all the shops all over the us and online stores
best you can do worked for me i bought an animal stitched seat in black
and they don't make those anymore and no sites have em
danscomp empire albes actionvillage local shops have em sometimes


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Ride a Bike Ride a Bike
3/21/2011 5:32 PM
accordable4sho wrote:

you posted this in the ...more

~bmxDaddy~ wrote:

haha yeah
and its harder ...more

yeah, ive noticed some parts arent being made anymore, and alot of them r good too

Refs: TCbmx, AO8, DannyP, Ron44ald, BEASTASSDICKwink

Bike check!!

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cschmall cschmall
3/21/2011 5:40 PM

bro... 2011 started almost 4 months ago... been living under a rock?

Refs:chadr, spikez5, umpgotti, brenden1207

First MOTM 12/2010

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hulmes134 hulmes134
3/21/2011 6:13 PM

nah bro hbu hop off my thread if your gonna be an ass hole i just was saying only 2010 and 11 shit exist ive been trying to find a shadow sprocket i have for the name of it

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