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Twisted654 Twisted654
9/12/2009 8:02 PM CAN NOT get back any money or parts you may have sold/traded. Any deals you have made using is between you and the other user.

Please Keep all PM's, emails,address, phone number's and names. Keep them with you until the product or money gets to you as proof of your Sale/trade.

All we can do is add that user to the Black List To help other members to not get scammed by that member.

Please keep this in mind when buying/selling/trading online.

make the title of you post as descriptive as possible as it will get more views. Also Label your thread Like [wanted,for sale,trade or feeler] As people looking for such a Thread will find it.

bumping wastes space for people who have their own stuff to sell. if You are bumping your thrad excessively.(more then once every 5 or 6 hours) It is subject to be deleted. If no one responds to your post it could be because 1.No one is interested in it. 2.Your want to much for it.

When you find a buyer/trader please use emails to carry out conversations about shipping.(talks about what you have for sale is fine.) It wastes space by making deals through your thread. When You make a Deal with someone about price and shipping please start emailing eachother because When you talk about details such as that, it pushes other users posts down.

Please post Pictures of the items you have for sale. Also I would recommend you to have a piece of paper with you name on it in the picture so other users know that you have the parts you do.

If you would like to report a scammer please make a post in the "questions about Vitalbmx" section With the fallowing info

- label the thread "[Scammer]Their Username"

- Username

- Real name if you have it

- Any other identified info you have such as their email.

- proof you had a deal. (Such as the stuff listed above)

- proof that they are intentionally scamming people out of money and/or parts.

Any other questions please contact a moderator.
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Back Again 4Th Time,I Sell Shit On Vital Back Again 4Th Time,I Sell Shit On Vital
9/12/2009 8:23 PM

nice speach, im serious, this is very bueno for the little kids that dont know what they doing

i am Back Again 4Th Time

i Got Reffs

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-Havok- -Havok-
9/13/2009 2:01 PM

How come this isn't pinned up by the good buyer list and black list?

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