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bradfordhuckerpa bradfordhuckerpa
10/30/2008 11:17 AM

Everything i have is BRAND NEW. I just bought the bike a month ago I set it all up around a smaller frame with a steeper seat tube hoping to learn bar spins and front wheelies better. It did help me but the geometries a little to small and snappy for me the bike is rediculously fast. So i'm parting it out or hoping to sell the bike complete

20.1 Dk Kachinsky Transparent black
165 mm Demolition 2.0 Lights (TI spindle) white
Sunday forumph bars black magic
Sunday 2.1 forks black magic
Mankind Respect sprocket white
Mankind Archangel Stem White
Mankind Headset White
Mankind grips
Mankind MK Black Seat
Odyssey Evo 2's and monolever small both white and ody. white cable
Eastern slit pegs white 2
Primo mix hub pearl white with ti axle lsd proper double butted spokes white black nipples laced to 36h black ody 7ka
matching front wheel with n4 hub
fly seatpost white
fit kevlar tires front and back 1.9 and 2.1
Mirra Co Blacklabel pedals. love'm 83 bcks though wow

All of this stuff is brand new and no scratches
bike weighs 23 pounds even with pegs and brakes superfast and is the nicest bike i've ever seen. Great geometry just a little to small for me.

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3PieceWillie 3PieceWillie
10/30/2008 12:05 PM

Pics and price on the Sunday forks?

REFS: trickbiker169, Dah Man, letstartariot, Hofmann Scarab

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blakebmx92 blakebmx92
10/30/2008 12:06 PM

how much for the evo 2's , cranks, and headset? and pics please to

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bradfordhuckerpa bradfordhuckerpa
10/30/2008 2:03 PM


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AzBmx_$ AzBmx_$
11/9/2008 4:08 PM

how much for the back rim


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fit7090116 fit7090116
11/11/2008 7:58 PM

ill give u 2 ipods for the Primo mix hub pearl white with ti axle lsd proper double butted spokes white black nipples laced to 36h

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chadr chadr
11/11/2008 8:01 PM

how much for both tires.

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goraw6 goraw6
11/22/2008 9:26 PM

how much for frame?

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chadr chadr
11/22/2008 9:55 PM

how much for cranks?

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