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C50_img_41431155304659_1415905782 HardBMX_Tim Quote
4/6/2014 4:58 PM

This is a bike I just put together for my friend who cant really afford parts and usually relies on getting the homies old broken/stock parts. I hooked him up with my old frame and bars. His forks, seat, chain, and grips were originally mine aswell but I gave them to him a while ago. I repainted the forks and put the OG decals on them. I maintaned his bike, ie replaced obliterated bearings, scrubbed away rust and salt/dirt, regreased EVERYTHING. He got the hubs, right pegs, front rim, cranks, and temporary pedals and sprocket from our other friend. This is his first completely aftermarket bike and its the first time his bike has been dialed and functioned properly since his stock bike.

Frame- The Make Croft 21"
Fork- Odyssey cs2
Bars- Mutiny Glam v2 8.4x29
Cranks- Sunday Saker
Seat- United Beacon XL
Seatpost- Nitrous pivotal
Headset- Premium
Bottom bracket- Shadow 19mm Mid
Sprocket- Odyssey Vermont 25t (waiting for Animal v3 28t to get pulled from his old cranks at the bike shop)
Pedals- Odyssey Twisted (waiting for Animal Hamilton sealeds to be pulled from his old cranks)
Grips- ODI Longneck
Rear wheel- Odyssey Hazard v3 48h to Odyssey 7ka 48h w/ BSD Jersey Barrier
Front wheel- Kink Viridian v1 to Specialized
Pegs- 2x Odyssey 2x Shadow Little Ones
Chain- KMC 410H
Tires- Demolition Momentum 2.35 front, Odyssey Dirt 1.85 rear

Mods- We used a 4pawl driver from a sunday stock hub (since the hazard driver was destroyed) and it hung out of the hub a little bit, so we used a FlipTrix tire to seal off the gap and it fit PERFECT.
One side of the front wheel is laced 2x because we didnt have the right sized spokes.
His internal bottom bracket spacer was way too short so we stacked a bunch of regular spindle spacers up inside his bottom bracket.

His bike before I got to pimp it out

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C50_lightlion_1398653981 Topsey Quote
4/6/2014 5:36 PM

That Flick Trix Mod Is SUPERB!

C50_shes_got_legs_for_days_30_photos14_1401072393_1401076043 Brokenbmx Quote
4/6/2014 6:17 PM

Helping a homie is always rad! Good shit Tim!

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C50_img_41431155304659_1415905782 HardBMX_Tim Quote
4/6/2014 6:26 PM
Brokenbmx wrote:

Helping a homie is always ...more

Hell yeah! Dude is practically my brother haha. We spent probably 6-7hours building this bike because so much of his old bike was WRECKED! And Im anal about proper maintenance/function so I spent alot of time fixing things that should have probably gone in the trash and been replaced! But I brought it all back to life I suppose! Im proud to see majority of my old parts go to someone who deserves them. That is worth far more than the money I could have got for them imo. The frame WILL be going on my wall if he can manage to break it. Its still my baby!

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C50_image_1473893474 blaaaaaaaaa Quote
4/6/2014 6:37 PM

Sweet! The bike actually looks pretty good!

bike check

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C50_image_1389166302 Thomas_Kerrigan Quote
4/6/2014 9:45 PM
C50_bullshit_107_1398185977 jeffmoon1995 Quote
4/7/2014 12:01 PM

i wanna shread ferguson next weekend if we can find a way out there try those 540s on some big banks sound cool tim i love my mutt

C50_img_41431155304659_1415905782 HardBMX_Tim Quote
4/7/2014 12:04 PM
jeffmoon1995 wrote:

i wanna shread ferguson ...more

Hell yeah bud! I just went to Clayton and spots are crazy there! We need to find a way out there.

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C50_bullshit_107_1398185977 jeffmoon1995 Quote
4/7/2014 12:16 PM

forsure never rode there i always love exploring new areas lookin for new spots to ride

C50_img_20140614_163252_2004512666_1402756553 T-rider Quote
4/7/2014 12:18 PM

I saw on instagram. LOoks good, and i hope it rides properly. Really cool to hook up your buddy!!



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C50_s_m_gravity_400pix_1370722046 handlebar-to-face Quote
4/7/2014 3:26 PM

That's rad man

Murica bike check
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C50 neophyte16 Quote
4/8/2014 9:51 AM

Looks good and parts are better than my bike. lol
Really nice to help your friends in need.

You say BMX is your life but you barely ride.
BUT hey, That's none of my business.

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