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ridebmxfly ridebmxfly
4/17/2009 8:04 PM

Looking to trade a 21" tt raw LTF for a newer fly frame. Let me know what you have

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Philtor210 Philtor210
4/17/2009 8:10 PM

Pics? And a price to buy the frame?

Pics to:

S&M Freak

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wescott2200 wescott2200
4/18/2009 11:29 PM

2008 fly teirra frame 20.6 tt let me know if interested'?

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jrage jrage
4/20/2009 6:38 PM

fly mosca 2 frame 20.5. i pay shipping?

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misfit131 misfit131
4/20/2009 6:40 PM

fly pantera 21tt


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Bug 31 Bug 31
4/20/2009 6:42 PM

i have an 09 tierra its either 20.6 or 21can i see some pics of the frame

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