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sittingduck sittingduck
5/17/2008 10:17 AM

Lightly used, I decided to get wider bars. Paid $65 for these at Danscomp 2 months ago. No dings, cracks, or bends.



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5/17/2008 3:49 PM

is the bottom the same one? or a different bar?

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5/17/2008 3:50 PM

OH it is the same one

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sittingduck sittingduck
5/18/2008 12:17 PM

Yep, pics of both sides of the same handlebar.
Half price for nearly new bars!
Ryan Guettler signature bar. 2-pc design made from 13-butted heat-treated chromoly. (23.8 oz)
Rise 7.9": Width 26", Backsweep 12°, Upsweep 4°

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ruben661 ruben661
5/18/2008 12:25 PM

is 7.7''rise alot smaller than 8"
or just a litle bit?
cus idk this shit.

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sittingduck sittingduck
5/18/2008 9:18 PM

7.9" is 98.75 percent of 8"
Divide one inch into ten equal parts and one of those parts is how much shorter 7.9 is from 8.
Less than one eigth of an inch from 8 inches.
So close to 8" it might as well BE 8".

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