The Vans BMX Pro Cup Returns for 2019 with New Locations 6

The Vans BMX Pro Cup is back for the third year in a row and the 2019 series will feature three brand new locations. Here's the rundown - 

Stop #1 - Sydney, Australia

Five Dock Skatepark

April 12-13

Stop #2 - Stuttgart, Germany

Waiblingen BMX Park

June 14 - 16

Stop #3 - Mexico City, Mexico

Ciudad Deportiva

August 16 - 18

World Championships - Huntington Beach, California

Vans Off The Wall Skatepark

September 13-15


We caught up with long-time Vans BMX bossman and Pro Cup founder Jerry Badders to get a bit more insight on the 2019 tour. Check it - 

Larry Edgar - Vans BMX Pro Cup Malaga 2019

First and foremost, what’s your job title at Vans these days? It seems like you’re taking on a lot more than just BMX…

I took a new role at Vans. I am now the North America Action Sports Events Manager. We hired Andy Zeiss to help with the Pro Cup and Colin Mackay as the BMX Team Manager. We are looking for a Global Sports Marketing Lead for BMX.

You’re still the man in charge of the Pro Cup, right?

Yes and no. We hired Andy Zeiss to be the Pro Cup consultant and I am working with him on 2019.

Jason Watts - Vans BMX Pro Cup Guadalajara 2019

Congrats on moving the Pro Cup into year three. Any big takeaways from the first two years?

How stoked the BMX community is to have us in their countries and to have this event as well.

I’ve heard a ton of rumors about locations for 2019. What can you tell us?

2019 we will go to three new parks and three new cities. Stuttgart, Germany with a new park and it’s a BMX park. Mexico City, Mexico - they just built a new park. Huntington Beach, California where we just built a new park.


The new bowl section at the Vans HB park looks great. Will that play any role in the 2019 series?

Yes, we will host the World Championships here Sept 13-15. Riders will get a lot of practice for this one and we hope to add one or two features on the course for the Finals.

Last year, there were qualifiers in Santiago, Chile and at Woodward (and Woodward West for the women). Will these be happening again? Any additional qualifiers?

We will be doing Nationals this year in Singapore,Woodward East, and Woodward West. These are ran by the local regions and are for the riders from those regions. We will also be doing Regional Qualifiers the day before the Tour stops and this will be how a rider will qualify and get into the Tour.

Matty Cranmer - Vans BMX Pro Cup Qualifier at Woodward East 2019

Everyone I talk to is pretty bummed Malaga won’t be happening in 2019. Any particular reason for not including it in the 2019 tour?

We have been to Malaga twice. Maybe in 2020 we will have a National event there...

Any changes judging-wise? Is Joe Rich still the man in charge?

Some changes have been made. Joe Rich will continue to be the head judge. We added an athlete to judge - Dakota Roche - for all stops. We also added a European judge - Ruben Alcantara - for all the stops. Last and final judge will be switching at all stops. Australia will have Russell Brindley, Germany will have Achim Kujawski, Mexico City will have Dennis McCoy, and Huntington Beach, CA will have “Big Island" Mike Castillo.

Can we expect any format changes in 2019?


Boyd Hilder - Vans BMX Pro Cup Huntington Beach 2019

Which event in 2019 are you looking forward to most?

Australia - I love meat pies. Germany - new BMX park. Mexico City – I love street tacos. HB – my hometown.

Can anyone beat two-time overall champion Larry Edgar?

I think so. It will be tough - riders need to be consistent. I think this year will be Dennis Enarson or Boyd Hilder.

Will there be a Vans BMX Street Invitational in 2019?

No, but I’m working on something for BMX Street at the Vans US Open this year.

What else is new with Vans BMX for 2019?

The Vans new Wafflecup BMX shoe is new for 2019, along with the Support Group campaign. Scotty Cranmers Wafflecup Sk8-Hi Pro BMX colorway is out now, but the marketing goes live in April. We are also working with Dennis Enarson on some projects…

Aaron Simone - Vans BMX Pro Cup Qualifier at Woodward East 2019

For those searching for more info on these events, where can they find it? or

Can you get Colin Mackay a huge raise?

Yes. He’s the Team Manager now!

Any final thoughts?

Have fun. Thanks for all the BMX Support and love for VANS! See you at the Pro Cups….

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kylecarlson kylecarlson 3/21/2019 8:56 AM

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Badders is a legend and I love Joe Rich as head judge but I've never been fond of older guys judging contests. See this in every action sport, people seem to be morally against young people judging even though they're most likely to 1) not be biased and 2) actually understand the difficulty of newer riding/riders. Every human being has their own bias but being a BMX'r for like 3-4 decades is a strong bias of its own.

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I think Dakota Roche does a great job of representing the "younger rider" demographic.

Also, I would have to disagree about younger riders being less likely to carry a bias. I was certainly much more opinionated / biased when I was younger. I think in some cases - certainly not all - age leads to maturity and being able to separate personal feelings from actual reality.

Regardless, the series will be rad. Stoked it continues to exist!

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Yeah I think the diversity can be a good thing for obvious reasons. But I would say younger versions of you and I may not have been fit to judge, but I still think judges in their 20s or 30s would be ideal. It's just the way these sports are they move fast. For a LONG time modern surfing was underscored because they kept old ass judges and the surfers basically rallied to call out the bullshit. This isn't necessarily happening in BMX but I can't really justify the addition of BMX legends in the judging booth. Joe I understand because he seemed to be about the judging life a long ass time ago. Also he understands bowl riding and flow riding better than any older rider, for sure.

Hopefully I can make Huntington this year. And hopefully Dugan doesn't fucking blast his hand in practice again lol. Seeing Edgar, Cordova, Fox and Dugan at these events is like Christmas in summer. Best bowl riders of all time

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I think the difficult thing is going to be finding a rider in their 20s-30s that is well credentialed, relevant to the style of riding, and respected who doesn’t want to compete. For me, it’s more important that the judges understand the style of riding and are impartial than having Gen Y represented, and I think the panel (especially Five Dock) does this well. Joe and Ruben have been influential in the bowl movement from the beginning, Dak can ride it all and gets it, and Russell is one of the smoothest, most highly-regraded trails and transition riders in Australia. Plus both Dakota and Russell are under 40 so I’d say it’s pretty well-rounded. Ultimately though, the riding is paramount and the scoring, whilst still important, takes a back seat.

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Well exactly you just left out the judges that I find to be questionable and seem to serve as like guest judges from a totally different era. I think DMC is great on the microphone and Big Mike is just a rad dad overall but... Why do they need to judge? They're not the worst options but they're also not the best. I don't think "legends" should judge.

And there are plenty of dudes in their 30s who can judge well. The problem is most of them are photogs, filmers, scared to do it because they're friends with people, or just don't want to judge. But I can also guarantee they probably aren't approached.

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