SUNringlé Name the Rims Contest 885

PhotoSUNringlé is releasing two new rims and is looking to you for a little help naming them. One rim is a single wall and one rim is a double wall - that's all the information that you're going to get.

What's in it for you? SUNringlé is hooking up the members that come up with the three best names a set of these wheels!
Put your name-ideas in the comments below. Enter as many times as you'd like. Remember - the more names you enter, the more chances you have to win! Have fun, get creative, and check back in a week for the results.

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kylecarlson kylecarlson 7/12/2009 10:09 PM

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Big Rich (double) Little Richy (single)

King Neptune (double) Shrimpy (single)

Big Money (double) Spare Change (single)

Eclipse Series
Solar Eclipse (double) Lunar Eclipse (single)

Flow Master Deluxe (double) Flow Master (single)

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F1, F2, TP, Niche, Abuse, Ace, Nirvana, Private, First Class, Noose, Sergeant, Major, Lieutenant, Grunt, Common, Unrivaled, Duplicate, Re-run, Repeat, Replicate, DUAL, Double Duty, Slipped Disc, Fraction, Rocky & Rubadub

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Single wall rims---- C-Note, GW, Stack, The ONE, Digit, Rim Job, Cyclops, Hula Hoop, Engagement Ring, Son, Gypsum, Stud, Bachelor, Delaware(DE), Friend, Mercury, Pssst, Poop

Double wall rims---- Double Pump, Noah's Arc, Wedding Ring, Dad, TWIX, Dubadub, 2 Stroke, Hitched, 2nd 2 None, Firewall, JA, Pennsylvania(PA), Foe, Saturn, Venus, Dump, PooPoo

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Black Sun for the double wall
Balck Moon for the single wall

because the sun is even stronger then the moon and the doublewall is stronger than the single wall.

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