Mark Mulville Bike Check + Q&A

In-between blasting sets of jumps, a little bit of surfing, and hanging out with alligators, Profile's Mark Mulville took some time to let us examine his brand-new bike setup -

Age: 32
Sponsors: Profile Racing, Deluxe BMX, and Circuit BMX Shop, along with getting hook ups from Kind Bars, Vans Shoes, SunBum, Kali, Dang Shades, Rockwell, and Deco BMX.
Years riding: About 25 years now, possibly a little bit longer.

So, what’s new with Mark Mulville?
I actually just got licensed recently to be a Life Insurance Agent and have been doing that part time on the side. It's been such an awesome experience so far. I'm looking forward to growing in that field more and more in the future! Now, don't get me wrong, I am not slowing down with BMX. I'm just thinking ahead. I've also been taking a lot of wildlife photography lately! That has been such a rad time as well. I have always been interested in being around wild animals. So, with the purchase of a new camera, it only made sense to start taking photos of animals I encounter.

How’s Florida?
I love Florida! There is so much to do, so much to see, tons to ride, great people, fun waves, and more. It's amazing! With the weather cooling off, it's even better. Trail season has started in Florida, as well as camping season, so there will be a lot more adventures to come. It's also the best time for waves now. So, you'll be able to find me in the ocean even more.

An example image from Mark Mulville's new venture into wildlife photography. Gnarly.

Have you ever wrestled or been bitten by an alligator?
No and I wont be doing so either! I have rescued a few gators from the roads and such. It's quite the experience. Even a little 3-foot gator has so much power behind it. You have to be ready and willing to go all in.

In the past few months, what have you ridden the most?
I've been lucky enough to go on a ton of trips lately, mainly riding trails and some parks. My trails I had been working on got demolished from the last hurricane we had. Unfortunately, they are no longer around. I have been heading back out to another rad location called The Grapefruit Trails to get some digging and riding in. Besides that, I ride a ton of little jib street stuff and local parks. I can ride a curb and have a blast. It's doesn't matter.

So, is the Grapefruit Trails officially your new trail spot?
Well, I recently started putting some efforts into GFT. Just trying to help out the main dude, Shawn, when I can. I also get in sessions at the Santos Trails in Ocala, Florida. My buddy, Mike Nau, and his son, Ashton, do some hefty work there. They have invited me out for some solid sessions recently, which I greatly appreciate.

We’re starting to close in towards the end of the year. Do you have anything planned before 2017 hits?
For sure. I'll be moving into a new place with my girlfriend, working on learning a little more about my new future career, surf as much as I can, a new Profile edit, a quick Pittsburgh trip, and tons more BMX stuff.

Speaking of 2017, what can we expect from you for next year? Any big plans?
Pretty much a lot of the same things as this year - trips, filming, growing, and tons more!

Let’s talk about your new bike. What’s your favorite thing about it?
The entire thing! It's such a beautiful bike, but also looks straight badass! Super stoked to have a made in the USA frame to correspond with my USA made Profile parts.

Your signature colorway with Profile in 2016 was natural camo, which is what I’m running on my bike currently. Do you have a new color in the works you can let our viewers in on?
I was and still am super stoked on the camo colorway. Thanks for running it as well! As of now, we don't have anything in the works, but that's not to say it wont be happening.

What’s your favorite Profile part and why? 
My signature Profile Push stem. I am still so pumped and grateful for them making it happen so many years ago. They're still pushing it and keeping it alive. It's such a rad feeling when I am out at a local park, in the woods, or on some travels and I see someone with a Push stem.

Any special modifications to your bike?
I wanted the heaviest back axle I can get from Profile. It looks kind of goofy, but added some nice weight to my whip. I usually have a feather on my bike, but have yet to find one that fits it properly.

What are you most particular about when it comes to your bike setup?
The position of my bars and my stem. It all has to be exact, or it feels like shit to me. Besides that, probably just my chain being nice and tight.

Do you ever alter your setup or do you just set it and forget it?
Set it and forget it. Once my bike is built, I hate messing with it. I really only take tools to it when I am changing a tube.

Preferred tire pressure?
I can't run my pressure to high due to a past wrist injury, but I keep them around 55psi.

Lastly, is there anything you’d like to wrap this up with?
I mainly wanna thank Matt Coplon at Profile Racing! Without him, I would not be where I am today. Also, Jim and Nancy (owners of Profile), Charlie, Gus, Shane, Grant, Darrel, Termite, Corey, Justine, and Scooter who are all from Profile Racing. Definitely a huge thanks to my Parents, my girlfriend Melissa, all my friends, and everyone who supports me in my adventures and dreams. Thanks!

Frame: Deluxe PA Model
Fork: Deco forks
Bars: Deluxe bars
Stem: Profile Push stem
Grips: Deco grips
Headset: Deco headset
Seat Post: Deco seat post
Seat: Profile (old) signature seat
Cranks: Profile Column 22mm cranks
Sprocket: Profile Galaxy sprocket
Chain: Shadow half link
Pedals: Deluxe BMX pedals
Front Tire: Maxxis
Rear Tire: Maxxis
Front Wheel: Profile Elite hub with Sun Big Baller rim
Rear Wheel: Profile Elite hub with Sun Big Baller rim
Brake Lever: on and off
Brake Cables: on and off
Gyro: I love to eat gyros
Pegs: None
Weight: I am guessing around 26 lbs.

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