Irek Rizaev Talks REDBMX

At just twenty-two years of age, the Russian park sensation is focusing on his own brand

Irek Rizaev Talks REDBMX

One would think that a twenty-two-year-old rider who is consistently landing on major podiums would either be locked down or on the prowl for the best bike sponsor available. Russian park sensation Irek Rizaev is taking a different path. Between a lack of options that excited him and a deep curiosity in creating the perfect parts for his riding style, Irek partnered with Oleg Aleksandrov - the owner of Russian street-based brand STRESS - and launched REDBMX. We caught up with Irek to learn about the brand, his mission, and how he expects to balance this heavy workload with remaining one of the highest-ranked riders in the sport.


I believe the first time I saw you on a REDBMX frame was around a year ago. When did you first start working on the brand?

I started working on it at the first part of 2019, so REDBMX is less than two-years-old now. One day, I had a conversation with my friend Oleg Aleksandrov - the owner of Russian street brand STRESS BMX - and we decide that it would be great to combine my knowledge and face with his industry experience to make a BMX brand for park riding. That’s how REDBMX was born!

You’re still very young and also have plenty of potential to receive support from a bike company. What inspired you to do something on your own so soon?

I wasn’t really interesting in working with any bike companies because there’s nothing happening there right now, in my opinion. There are no big things that brands are doing. Everything is super quiet. For me, it was easier to buy the parts that I needed than getting them from a bike company was. There are a couple of reasons why. First, there are no BMX brands that are making every part that I need on my bike. Second is the financial side. There are not many offers from brands ready to give a good budget - usually it’s just a parts. So now, I’m only investing in REDBMX, where there is a future. Third, I was super interested in doing something that I own to have in the background of my career. A BMX brand is the perfect thing for me. I’m super interesting in the process and understanding everything on my bike.

Who else is involved in the brand?

As I mention before, I’m working with my partner Oleg on this brand. He is the owner of STRESS BMX, KARMA BMX, and SBS SHOP. He is doing amazing job making really high quality products that have become super popular in Russia. Oleg has more than ten years in this business, so he has a lot of experience!





Where does the name come from?

I just like it. Super short and memorable. We decrypt RED as RIDE EVERY DAY.

Is it safe to say REDBMX is focused exclusively on park riding or am I just assuming this because you’re primarily a park guy?

You are right. REDBMX is focused on park riding. For sure, you can use it everywhere - like every other part - but, yes. Our parts are park-oriented. We try to make them light and strong at the same time. Simple, with technology that is great for park riders.

What is your exact role with the brand? What do you handle and what does Oleg handle?

I work on the parts, team, social media, orders from Taiwan, and a bit of everything else. Oleg is primarily working with sales, papers, shipping, and, of course, he helps me with everything because of his experience. 


So far, how do you like it? Do you feel like you were ready to take on this much responsibility so early in your career?

I like it a lot! It’s super interesting and feels good to move in a different direction than riding. But, don’t worry - riding is still in first place!

What has Russia’s reaction to the brand been? Are they into it?

The reaction has been good! We have had pretty good numbers from the start. It looks like riders like it! 

It is so sick to watch kids riding REDBMX parts or wearing REDBMX clothing. It feels amazing!

Are REDBMX products available outside of Russia? If not, is that something you’re looking to make happen in the future?

We are selling in Latvia through PARBMX and China through EVO Distribution for now and are looking for new distributors around the world!


What’s been the most difficult of this journey so far?

I don’t know. It’s hard to say because it is difficult to do all of it, but it is also a pleasure. So, nothing crazy. I think it’s like riding my bike. It is really difficult, but it's also very fun and interesting.

What’s been the most rewarding part of this journey so far?

I think watching other riders using our parts and hearing good reviews about them.

What all products do you currently have available?

We have currently have a frame, a bar, pedals, mid and slim combo seats, lightweight spokes, a headset, a bottom bracket, and t-shirts.

Irek Rizaev talks REDBMX

Do you have more products in the works?

We’re currently working on a fork, a lightweight rim, hubs, a stem, and a new version of the frame.

Where is everything made?


Are you sponsoring any other riders with the brand or is it just you? 

Yes. We have a team with some shredders! They are young and doing some crazy stuff. They have a lot of potential and I can’t wait to see them reach it! These are the guys - 

Nikita Isakov from Russia. You may have seen him doing a 360 whip to triple bar at FISE: Chendu! 

Daniil Stroganov from Russia. He's a dude that is also doing everything on his bike - flair bar to whip, for example.

Alex Mollaev from Russia. Alex does a little bit less tricks, but he has a great style.

Yuri Illushchenko from Ukraine. He's a shredder that does some of the craziest tricks, like 720 double bar on a spine and 720 whip to bar! 

Longterm, what’s your goal with REDBMX? What will be different about your brand than the other brands in the sport?

My goal is to create a good bike brand and a path for me to stay in BMX after my professional career because I really love this world!

Where can BMX riders get more information on REBMX and all of your products?

Check out our Instagram and our website!

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