First to Last with Chris Doyle

 First to Last with Chris Doyle

Text/photos: Justin Kosman 

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First BMX bike
Diamondback Assault—I got it for Christmas in 4th grade.
First vehicle
'91 GMC Sonoma.
First race
The summer of '94—the first time I tasted sweet victory (laughs).
First trick learned
First sponsor
Useless Clothes when I was 15. Useless was owned by my pal Leigh Ramsdell.
First dollar earned
Lawnmowing business with my brother
First trip overseas?
1999—I went to Narita, Japan.
First BMX injury
Bruised my kidney trying to jump a jump sitting down. I was trying to prove to a friend how easy it was. "This jump is so small I'll hit it sitting down..." I had to spend the first two weeks of my middle school summer on my back.
First autograph you signed
At the '97 Christmas Classic
Doyle cannonballFirst photo in a magazine
My first photo was an ad for 1-800-COLLECT. I was doing a no-footed-can-can. "Stretch your budget." I was 16 years old at the time.
Last session at the trails
Two weekends ago out in Eastern PA. Trail season is going quickly.
Last time you were scared
Last weekend as I was pedaling full speed at a two-foot kicker trying to clear 35 feet in the long jump contest at the Backyard Jam. I made it but I was scared. [Editors note: He won.]
 Last road trip you went on
Two weekends ago to Eastern PA.
Last person who called you
Some guy who wanted to buy my old truck
Last time you said "WOW!"
Watching Morgan Wade go 15 feet out of a ten-foot quarter. Bananas!
Last meal you ate
A turkey sandwich I bought in the airport
Last CD you bought or song/album you downloaded
Jawbreaker, "Dear You"
Last big purchase you made
Had to buy more furniture for my house because my whole family is coming to my house for Thanksgiving... I'm not ready.
Last trick you learned
How to put a mean topspin on a ping-pong ball
Last words
“If it wasn't this it'd be something else.”

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