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Brian Kachinsky has been one of the most legit guys in the BMX industry for a number of years. BK kills it both on and off of his bike and many people were shocked when he parted ways with Etnies in early 2013. Fast forward a year, and he's found himself a new home on Vans. With so many riders losing shoe deals and so few guys getting picked up, this news comes somewhat unexpectedly, but is definitely well-deserved. We caught up with BK to ask him a few questions about his new gig. Check out what he had to say -

Vans. Hell yeah. How did this come about?

Vans started flowing me shoes in 2013, which was awesome, and then we started chatting about some things and they offered me a spot on the team for 2014. I was honored and, of course, am excited about it. Vans is as legit as it gets and they have been in BMX for longer than any other shoe brand. I have a ton of respect for that.

This is the first time in a long time we've heard some good news about a rider picking up a shoe sponsor. What's your take on this current "industry recession" that so many riders are feeling?

My take on this industry recession is just that it's time to start making things happen. I think times like these make people really realize why they ride BMX and why they are involved in BMX. BMX is, in my opinion, one of the coolest things on earth and it's time to rekindle that within ourselves. But, more importantly, to show people outside of BMX how cool it is. I could go on about this and what would need to change, but in the end, BMX will remain awesome.

Any big plans with Vans? Video projects?

You'll definitely see some footage, travels, and hopefully more this year. I don't want to spoil any ideas, but I can guarantee when we talk a year from now, some cool shit will have happened. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Can you please put in a bunch of time filming a split video with Vans teammate Josh Harrington? This is 100% a personal request and has nothing to do with the bigger story here.

Josh and I have known each other forever. He's an amazing rider and a true friend. Despite our differences in height, Josh and I breathe the same air.. A split video would be awesome, but either way, I'm just happy to be able to ride and hang with him.

What's your current shoe of choice?

I really like the Chukka Lows because they are one of those good-looking shoes that are also perfect for riding. There are dozens of other shoes Vans makes that I love, though. I'm excited to try more of them this year.

Is your Vans deal just for shoes or does it include clothing as well?

Actually I'm riding for Vans shoes and apparel. They make so much rad stuff from head-to-toe. Hats, jeans, jackets, sweatshirts, Tees, socks, and, of course, shoes are all top notch. I'm stoked.

For someone who has never met him, how would you describe Vans team manager Jerry Badders?

I'd describe Jerry as someone who has been around BMX for decades, yet still geeks out about it like a little kid who just discovered it. Behind that enthusiasm is a hard working guy who takes care of so many things over at Vans. His job spans beyond BMX, but BMX is where his heart. He's an all-around good human.

What's on your agenda for the next few months?

At the moment I'm escaping the Chicago winter for a bit with a trip to New Orleans this week and then to Costa Rica next week. Following that, I might be headed out to Cali as well, but I also will be visiting the indoor skateparks in the midwest a good bit unless it magically warms up. I also plan to go to Simple Session in Estonia and hang out in Latvia with Ed Zunda afterwards. During all this, I will also be formulating and finalizing plans for some projects that will happen in the coming months/year. The end of 2013 was crazy for me, so I'm looking forward to riding my bike and hanging/traveling with my friends. I can always count on my friends and teammates for laughs and inspiration. 2014 has already been filled with both!

This is a few months old, but watch it again because it's amazing -

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Aw man I was in the middle of making sn edit with this song. But one of my fav riders wearing my fav brands repping primo is totally worth it!!

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