Bobbie Altiser Bike Check + Q&A

Front brake master Bobbie Altiser joined the Colony team a little over two years ago and has been killing it ever since. In a world full of crankarm grinds and 180s out of icepick grinds, Bobbie has kept it 100% original. We caught up with Bobbie to get an inside look at the machine he uses to bring his creativity to life and ask him a few questions about everything else he has going on. Check it -

All photos by Cooper Brownlee / Colony

Frame: Colony Prody 20.6"
Bars: Colony Twenty Four Seven
Fork: Colony Guardian w/ 990s
Stem: Colony Variant
Grips: Colony Much Room
Headset: Colony
Cranks: Colony Colonial v2
Pedals: Colony Fantastic Plastic
Sprocket: Odyssey MDS until Jourdan Barba's signature Colony sprocket is available
Chain: Shadow
Seat / Post: Colony Shield w/ Colony Post
Front Wheel / Tire: Colony Contour with Odyssey Aitken 2.25
Rear Wheel / Tire: Colony Freecoaster with Primo V-Monster 2.10
Brakes/ Pads: Colony Transformer w/ Kool-stop dual compound MTB pads
Brake Levers: Dia-Compe Tech 77's w/ locks
Gyro/Cables: Odyssey

How long have you been riding?
12 or 13 years.

Have you ridden front brakes that entire time?
I think I put a front brake on in 2007.

If not, what inspired you to put them on?
I live in around the same area as Eben Fischer; so watching him ride got me into it.

Do you ever see yourself taking the front brakes off of your bike?
No. Brakes are too much fun!

What front brake riders have primarily influenced you over the years?
Eben Fischer, T.J. Henderson, Rob Ridge, Tobias Wicke, Clint Millar, Rick Moliterno, Dave Freimuth… and I could probably go on and on.

How is riding for Colony?
It feels like the perfect fit. Family.

Any signature parts in the works?
Tossed a few ideas around with Clint and Coops...

What else is in your plans for 2014?
I just started working full-time at my local bike shop, Cool Byke, so I'm pretty well tied up here for a while. But I did buy a building in town and I'm planning on putting in a little private ramp set up this summer. I am going to Baco Jam at the end of the month, too. Looking forward to it. Other than that.. probably just relax and camp out and film tech tricks all year. We'll see!

For more on Bobbie's bike and everything else he has going on, hit up Colony's site.

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