BMX Demons: Who are they?

When I first saw a video titled BMX Demons I was cautious that it would be a group of 8-10 year old kids who started their own little group (not that there is anything wrong with that), but I was surprised to find out it was a brand new BMX show that has hit up many car shows over the year. I wanted to find out more about it so I shot the owner a few questions.

First things first, who are you, and what is your history in BMX?

Hi, I am Chris Nunn I started riding early 2000 spending most my time at Romford skatepark then started travelling as soon as I got my driving licence and enjoyed what BMX had to offer since.

You have a very different business to many other brands in BMX where you focus solely on demos at events, what made you take this route and what goes on at the average demo?

Well I moved to Belfast to ride shows with Ramp Rage and really enjoyed it. Then a couple of years ago I started a family and the reality of earning a steady income hit me hard. After thinking about BMX demos a lot it just made sense to give it a go myself. At a Bmx Demons show you will find myself and the lads having a good time. I have rode with this bunch of riders for many years and there is no real structure to the shows just a jumpbox session with my friends. FTL.

Who do you have perform at events?

Well its hard to get all the boys together at the same time so whoever is available at the time will come along. A combination of any off the boys : Billy Purcell, Mike Hughs, Vinnie Mayne, Isaac Lesser, Jay Wright, Alex Norman, Lewis  Thomas, Dom Bacon and few others all good friends I have enjoyed riding with for years. With the occasional Irish connection.

How many events have you performed at so far?

We performed five shows last year which were mostly car shows, the highlight for me was Dubs at the Hall. It was amazing weather, good friends and camping. This year is looking good for us with the season starting last weekend at Big Bang Santa Pod.

I’d assume whenever someone throws a backflip down, the crowed goes wild, is this still the case? or has the public caught on with some of the technical riding that goes down?

The only reason the crowd stops to watch is to see someone go upside down or fall off. The kids normally go pretty mental for every trick so thats nice. We like to get the audience involved with giveaways and also jumping over them.

Now everyone knows, to have a successful demo, you need a good MC. Who is BMX Demon’s MC?

We share the MC duties between us with mostly myself, Vinnie Mayne or Matt Gillespie taking the mic, but it is pretty amusing having Isaac Lesser or Billy Purcell give it a go. Ginge cant be trusted.

If you could have a budget of £100,000 how would you spend it on your demos?

Some lightweight ramps would probably go down well. A new van and an RV for the team so no more tents and sleeping in cars.

Where do you ultimately want BMX Demons to go?

I would love to make it my full time job, but just keep doing what we are doing really. Some music festivals would be nice. I hope it becomes something my kids will want to take over from me in the future.

Finally, any thanks?

There is so many people to thank. Big thanks to Erika for putting up with this while it drains my time and money. Gotta thank Rob Steele for helping it all come to life. The FTL boys for making the shows happen and Ramp Rage for the guidance and advice.

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