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New thread help with manuels plz 7/13/2008 12:46 AM

ive been practicing manuels lately... and ive been able to get into the right position where im balanced, but my bikes always going off to the left... anyone got any tips on how i can fix this problem?

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New thread chain/hub help 7/8/2008 6:19 PM

i need help.... i hav the KMC sl chain and i hav an 8t primo pro mix cassette hub when i pedal it slowly, it doesnt feel smooth, its a bit jumpy do i need a new chain?

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New thread which hub should i get? 6/19/2008 7:39 PM

ok so im getting a new hub... i was gonna get one today, but i couldnt make it down to the store so its either a primo mix cassette or a demolition ashley.... which ones better? i kno that ashleys arent out yet, but u can just talk about ur experiences ... more »

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New thread help... gear ratios... 6/19/2008 1:52 PM

so im thinking about running a 25-8.... woud it be more acceleration or less acceleration than a 25-9?

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New thread new sprocket... 16t?o.0 5/30/2008 9:20 PM

does anyone kno anything about the st. martin ecoflat sprocket? it says 16t on danscomp.... http://www.danscomp.com/457155.php it even says it on the sprocket on the pic

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New thread help w/ lacing rims... 5/11/2008 6:07 PM

how do ppl lace a 48h rim like its a 36h?o.0

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New thread Livermore riders 5/7/2008 8:24 PM

any riders on here taht live in Livermore???

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New thread i need help with cranks... 5/3/2008 12:05 PM

are fit flow cranks good? i was thinking of getting new cranks.... couldnt decide either on fit flow cranks, primo powerbites or redline device cranks.... im not a heavy rider, so i dont kno wat to get really plz help =D, and im kinda on a budget >.> ... more »

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