SBR's S&M Creedence MOD 7

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Frame: S&M Credence MOD. Misc.: 20.75"
Fork: S&M Widemouth Pitchfork. Misc.: 33mm Offset
Handlebars: S&M Credence XL
Bar ends: ------- ARBOC 6 Shooters
Stem: S&M Credence Turtleneck
Grips: S&M Clint Reynolds
Headset: Chris King DS4
Cranks: Profile Racing 175mm
Bottom bracket: Profile 19mm Mid
Spindle: Profile GHD Chromo
Sprocket: ------- DRG Quadsaw 32t. Misc.: LHD w/ custom engraving
Chain: KMC 710 SL
Pedals: S&M GNS (Grip N' Slide)
Seat: S&M Shield Slim Rail
Seatpost: Thomson Elite. Misc.: With Ti bolts
Front rim: G-Sport Ribcage
Rear rim: G-Sport Ribcage
Driver/freewheel: Profile 9t Titanium
Front hub: Profile Elite. Misc.: Aluminum center / Chromo Hex
Rear hub: Profile Elite LHD. Misc.: Aluminum center / Chromo Hex
General Info
Model Year: 2019

Vital BMX member seanbrian seanbrian 1/26/2020 10:27 AM

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New Trey seat is looking good! Diggin the trim job as well.

What size are those FAF's and how are you liking them, so far? Been wanting to go back to street tires, but don't want a tire that's super prone to washing out.

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The Trey seat looks rad but I already swapped back to my S&M railed seat because I prefer the shape haha.

I’ve had a FAF rear on and off for years and its one of my favorite tires. I’m running a 2.4 front and 2.3 rear and love them. I run about 80-90 psi and they feel great on just about anything and have a good enough grip that I don’t notice much difference from when I had the 2.4 Mainline in the front (even with footjams). I will say that the FAF has a better, much smoother slide than the 2.10 Track-mark rear I was running which was SUPER sticky.

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Good to know that the street FAF performs as good as it looks. Still trying to decide between them, Speedballs, or GLH's.

Also, the S&M Shield Railed seat is definitely my #1 favorite seat... I really need to pick up one, or two more just so I'm set forever. lol

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Nice build.
How do you like the MOD compared to the CCR. Do you notice much of a difference with the slightly steeper head angle and shorter rear end.
Seems like you’ve had the BTM CCR and MOD what do you like best. I’ve had the BTM and CCR my riding style leans more toward CCR just curious what you think having had them all.

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The long/short answer is:

BTM vs. MOD: I've always been pulled back to frames with midschool overtones which the MOD for sure has. The BTM is a fun bike, but the plusses of the slightly more responsive geometry do not make up for the loss of overall stability (especially as I've gotten older). I still spin pretty often, but I'm not doing feeble hard 180's or anything that I'd reap the benefit of a shorter rear end. Also, the shorter rear end threw my manual & tire trick (taps, fufs, etc) balance point way off.

CCR vs. MOD: I'm pretty short (5'5"-5'6") so the 21' top tube was a bit much for me. I run a 30/9 ratio and have a 710sl with a half link (since the ratio wont slam on the MOD) so I'd say where my wheel is on the MOD is right about the same place it was on the CCR so its a close enough "apples to apples" comparison when it comes to the rear end. I don't really notice the headtube difference between the CCR's 74.25 and MOD's 74.5, but I can say the riding reach of the 20.75" MOD is closer to a "newer school" geometry 20.5" since most frames now have 75 or 75.5 and it pushes the bars forward.

Overall, I think I'm 110% settled on the MOD. The only change I could want for this frame is welded mounts and that really does not make much of a difference overall other than being a bit more stiff. I did however just order some 33mm offset Widemouth forks and a Turtleneck to give me a little more stability up front. Shoot me a message on instagram if you want to talk more about geometry, I geek out over this stuff and love talking shop hahaha ( Instagram: s.b.r_ )

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