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I am excited to hear for once that there will be structure for Current and future athletes in freestyle event in bmx. Wish x-games had a set structure on how up and coming rider's can enter and qualify

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I wouldnt worry too much about it. These types of people already existed. For some the fun is in training, winning competitions, and pulling the greatest and latest trick. For others its the lifestyle and just having a good time with Their friends. This will not change what type a person is. However, I do see this as a good way to further legitimize the sport to people outside of it.

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Honestly looks like a cheap mid school era bike. Nothing special, and sorry to say but not worth more than what you paid. I don't see any expensive parts. It's a stock complete from the early 2000s. What parts are you talking about? It's not an $800 bike. Do some more research before you buy in the future. Good luck.
I guess you don't want to take my word for it, but you'll figure it out.

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That was rad! I'm 45,I'm allowed to say that. More than anything this vid makes me miss front brakes. Just not the work involved keeping them running...

Kids ar 5 and 7 and getting into it, we go out once a weekend to local parks.

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Venue looks the best they've ever had courses look sick I was already Stoked on this year x games then last minute they throw a dirt invite to nasty ..... this years x games is going to kick so much ass

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