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The Grizz Air will never die!

New thread Chris Doyle was dead for five minutes. 7/24/2018 5:02 PM

Crazy story. If you have the time, listen to this -

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Reply to Are BMX Magazines Still a Thing? 7/23/2018 4:56 PM

Endless Mag!

Reply to Olympic judging ? 7/11/2018 12:36 PM

When certain tricks / riding styles score really well, a lot of guys are going to do them. I think it's an issue you're going to run into in any judged-by-number competition. I'm optimistic we can get some dudes like Kevin Peraza, Kenneth Tencio, and ... more »

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It was goooooooood.

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Solid gold wheel set with diamond nipples, to be exact...

New thread Missing Posts 7/5/2018 2:13 PM

Long story short, I was doing some behind-the-scenes maintenance in the forum and accidentally deleted some posts from today. We back up everything at night, so these are gone and it's 100% my fault. Sincere apologies! As you know, this isn't a normal ... more »

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This is so badass.

Reply to The rollback podcast 6/5/2018 10:10 AM

New episode with Daniel Dhers is live. Daniel's story is pretty crazy...

Reply to Bye bye Nike 6/3/2018 11:56 AM

I have multiple friends that bought houses with Nike money. Yeah, it'd be great if they were doing more. There's a time when they were. But - even if at the very least they're making it possible for the top, most-progressive riders in the sport to live ... more »

Reply to X Games Qualifier - Boise, Idaho 6/3/2018 12:44 AM

Dennis, for sure. Not sure how well Kostya will be able to ride the park. Doesn't seem to fit his style too well. I'm sure he'll make it work, though!

Reply to Bye bye Nike 6/3/2018 12:42 AM

The more corporate brands in BMX, the better. Corporate brands (like Nike) can (and should) fuel the industry by paying top riders well, advertising with core media outlets, producing content, etc. Unfortunately, a lot of that can't happen (at least ... more »

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To be fair, it's .5 miles to the beach.

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New thread You can create polls in the forum now. 5/31/2018 2:10 PM

Let's party.

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New thread X Games Qualifier - Boise, Idaho 5/31/2018 2:09 PM

Anyone around for the X Games Park Qualifier in Boise? This is the rundown of the riders (not certain if this is final) - Dennis Enarson Pat Casey Daniel Dhers Larry Edgar Nick Bruce Gary Young Colton Walker Kostya Andreev Chase Hawk Jose Torres Irek ... more »

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Damn. Good luck with that. Back injuries completely suck.