keep schick's money in bmx!

schick has this contest going on that a lot of you have probably heard about; basically bmxers and skaters from the west coast and the east coast submitted videos, nyquist and burnquist picked the best ones, and someone gets eliminated each week, until only one remains and wins $20,000.  let's get that $20,000 in a bmxers pocket!

there's a lot more money in skateboarding than there is in bmx and this is a really good opportunity for a bmx rider. regardless of who you vote for, you should sign up and vote for one of the bmx guys.

my personal pick is josh perry. josh is an awesome kid and an amazing rider; check out his clips on there. halfcab tailwhips are awesome. anyways, check it out, and i think you can vote 3 times a day. get on it!


also, i'm pretty sure josh can't grow a beard so it would be pretty funny if he rode for schick. 

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kylecarlson kylecarlson 9/11/2007 8:42 AM

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