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Yo man, saw you at the strawberry festival. Your riding is sick, and flat landing is way under rated by the general public. you were awesome

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Anyone who hates on flatland, can't possibly be any good on a BMX BIKE! Real riders respect other riders, regardless of the type of riding done. It's a mutual respect you understand through hours of dedication, rather you are at the park, in the parking lot, on the vert ramp, or riding street. If you were any good, you'd either keep your mouth shut, or give some props. Hell Elculero, even though you can't do any tricks, I'd still root you on for your OLD SCHOOL table tops! Shit's been around for about 35 years now, you aren't exactly pushing the limits or any difficulty there, but I'd still say hell yeah at the trails. Because I'm a rider, and I respect your skills, regardless of how much you suck! At least you are trying. Most of you pussy's hide behind your monitor and keyboard saying shit you would never say to any rider in person. You probably spend more time on the computer than you do on your bike! If ANY of you punks ever says that shit to my face, you will get puched in the nose! Ha ha

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