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Frame: Hyper Pro model. Misc.: Well i totolaed my Haro downtown 2014 , so I got a hyper fram and put all the salvageable parts on ,
Fork: Haro
Bar ends: Other
Grips: S&M
Headset: Colony
Bottom bracket: Other
Sprocket: Deluxe
Pedals: Haro
Detangler: Other
Seatpost clamp: Haro
Rear rim: Haro
Driver/freewheel: -------
Rear hub: Haro
Front tire: Fit
Pegs: Haro
General Info
Model Year: 0
Weight: 42 lb 0 oz (19051 g)
Additional Info: I got this bike frame and put all my good part in it , I fell in love with it even tho it weighs a damn ton (42 pounds ) , people judge her but she gets me home and lands the tricks #bmxlife

Vital BMX member kamikaze.656 kamikaze.656 1/25/2019 6:40 PM

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