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Stem depends on the bolts/bike. MTB and road stems tend to be 5ish Nm-we would do BMX to about the same in the shop. Wheels were around 45 Nm I think? Crank spindle bolts are 40ish Nm, pinch bolts were around 5-7 Nm. Brakes were 5-7 Nm. Basically the ... more »

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I meant purely based on the comment of dirt getting stuck in there. Any time I rode trails, they were tacky or dry, so not much got in weird places. Even when we would spend days out there. A little dust but definitely not 6 oz as previously commented. ... more »

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Fufanus are rad. Jibbing ledges for days is super boring.

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I'd put a sticker over the inside of the arm. Same thing a bunch of dudes did with Eastern's cutouts back in the day.

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Yes, but it's a male axle so you can't "run a bolt" anywhere on it. You can thread a nut onto the axle and chase the threads. I've also CAREFULLY by hand used a flat screwdriver and a file with a REALLY narrow edge and cleaned threads that way to get ... more »

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I mentioned Iowa to my kid and he didn't seem to care until I told him it was about 4 of the "big" skatepark near us. His eyes got huge and he was ready to go now!

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dave lawrence

I think Ti will be the future, for a while,but I see Carbon poking it's head into freestyle with rims (they are solid, check out Danny Macaskills video where he tested MTB rims with no tire on stairs and it handled it surprisingly well).

The ONLY real issue with carbon as a material currently would be impacts (so no pegs etc for now), and the cost to create the molds. Metals are easy in that you can adjust a jig, shorten a couple tubes and weld it and you have a different size. Carbon would require full molds for each frame size and any geometry difference-this would be expensive. I give it 5 more years and we will see someone drop a carbon frame designed for either pegless park or trails. It will be around 500-1200 bucks roughly (basing off carbon MTB and road frames on average). Weight will fall in the 2-3 lbs range.

One added perk, you can change the layup for different aspects of a ride. An example would be modifying how the rear end handles vibration and or minor impacts (bumps on the ground, sidewalk cracks etc)

Ultimately we need a big brand with a lot of R&D money to give it a go. I would happily ride one if I had the spare funds/chance. The same can be said for a chromo Lairdframe an a Ti Lairdframe. If I had the cash I would do it in a heartbeat.

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Shit. I mean...street 4 lyfe yo. steel is reel. pegs. crankflips.

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Gonna toss some treads on today (thanks again Tim). Roads are clear but it has been really foggy so they ice over sometimes. If it clears up and dries I might go mess around. My wife dug up our engagement photos, and there are a couple of me jumping ... more »

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Tire pressure is too. Really the biggest difference is the terrain. You can ride a "street" bike on trails and a "park" bike on street. Trails too. Tons of riders have 4 pegs, no brakes and ride park with tons of flow. Tons of street riders run brakes ... more »

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If you can get the non drive bearing out of the hub by tapping in from drive side, you should be able to then tap the other way and get the driver bearing in the hubshell out, which might make things easier to remove since you would have more play. Worst ... more »

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This. Might even ask to see it if they see some random person filming. Could become an air dropped clip that makes it into stuff as another angle.

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Make school rad. When you get to research stuff, pick topics that are interests or close to it. So an example would be if you could pick a person from history, see if you could research Mat Hoffman for that project. He is a historical figure in BMX due ... more »

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Also alphabetical order. #parkstreet

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For me, a quarter or something almost as steep was best. Haul at it, boot up into the air and try whatever. I wouldn't go far so if I couldn't land it I could basically step off the bike and be ok most of the time.

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Sometimes Aldi has them for like 30 bucks. Check out online and used places. Or get some lumber and make something. I've seen 3 2X4 pieces screwed together then to a wall-the middle one shortest to allow the seatpost or seat tube to side in there, the ... more »

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Sometimes drivers were hard to get out. The coasters I had required me to pop the axle out from drive side to non-drive. Then I could unthread the driver. Try going that direction? I know stolen had a coaster for a bit that had pawls etc in it and was ... more »

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The rubber and fabric in the tires stretch the weight of the rider/bike-heavier riders stretch the tires a bit more. Same with how you ride, foot tall jobs = less impact vs 5 foot drops Rim width-spread the beads and the tires will seem a bit wider with ... more »

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I agree to the first sentence, and only that first sentence. I honestly think there was more to it. Seems odd that the security for such a "monumental/traditional" event was so lax, I've seen more security at a high school football game. Also that lady ... more »