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Added reply in a thread SmilediallerV2 7/7/2019 5:18 AM

this is a badass build dude, nicely done!

Added reply in a thread 2019 Capital-Lou-Jam Raffle Bike 4/30/2019 5:26 PM

haven't been hitting the forums lately but just saw this; this one looks rad. This is such a cool thing that you do man, some kid is going to be so happy when they win this thing!

Added reply in a thread Custom wheels... 3/19/2019 1:57 PM

I've had both Dan's and Albe's build custom sets for me; both were to spec and came out perfect. Any bike shop will build you a wheel to spec, you just need to supply them with your wish list and/or budget and they'll work with you.

Added reply in a thread Helmet recommendation 3/16/2019 8:14 AM

I use a Bern Watts and I like it; it's got a little brim on it like ball cap. It's also MIPS so thats a plus.

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A-1 Fatboy
Added a comment to DansJustChillin's bike check 3/9/2019 8:47 AM
A-1 Fatboy

this is dope; I lusted after this frame back in the day when they first came out. My LBS had a sick orange one that wasn't nearly as built as this one though.

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Added reply in a thread LF parts for this year's Raffle Bike! 3/9/2019 8:10 AM

I've got a Sunday duck canvas seat if you want it; I know it's not a real fan favorite but it's yours if you want it. It's basically brand new, I had it on my bike for like 10 minutes before I swapped it for something else. I've also got if you want: ... more »

Added reply in a thread Looking for some ACL knee brace recommendations for my friend 3/4/2019 1:29 PM

He might be able to get one prescribed to him by his orthopedist and ultimately get at least a portion of it covered by insurance. I went this route years ago when I was still playing sports, had a couple knee braces covered by insurance this way.

Started new thread Sunday+Stranger+Animal 2/3/2019 6:19 AM

For Sale - all prices shipped USPS flat rate: 1) Sunday Duck Canvas pivotal seat; installed on the bike, ridden maybe 10 mins, basically like new: $25 2) Stranger Strangergram 28t sprocket in Trippy Dip - never installed, brand new (not pictured are

... more »

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Added reply in a thread Forks to Bars angle?? 1/13/2019 6:08 AM

I've always ridden with the bars just a shade forward of parallel with the forks, mostly for comfort but also because it just feels a little more responsive; don't quote me on the science behind it, just trial and error, though I'm sure people here can ... more »

Added reply in a thread Brakes Or Brakeless 1/13/2019 5:52 AM

i've got brakes on both of my bikes; mostly because I've never ridden brakeless and I'm coming off of a long layoff from riding, and also because I'm not confident enough in my riding to commit to brakeless. I do think in the future I will probably remove ... more »

Added reply in a thread First Build After 15 or yrs. 1/11/2019 10:41 AM

dope bike, love the colors you've got going on

Added reply in a thread EAST COAST GNAR MACHINE 12/25/2018 7:01 AM

this thing is MEAN AF! BTW - love the chrome forks!

Added reply in a thread How do I make the bore hole in my sprocket bigger? 11/11/2018 8:07 AM

as others have said, unless you're a machinist, don't

Added reply in a thread First things to do when building complete BMX up 10/23/2018 8:29 AM

lots of grease and make sure you have all the right tools (sockets, hex heads/keys, DIY crank/bb tool if necessary). Nothing worse than laying everything out, getting started, and realizing that you don't have the one hex that you need, or you have standard ... more »

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Unknown Cult Build

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Unknown Cult Build
Added reply in a thread Thoughts on BSD Dan Paley slim grips? 9/23/2018 7:59 AM

I run them on one of my bikes; they're super slim but still very comfy without needing any break in time. They look good too IMO.

Added reply in a thread Top/bottom load stem (update, please read if interested) 9/23/2018 7:42 AM

gun blue sounds rad!

Added reply in a thread Top/bottom load stem (update, please read if interested) 9/22/2018 2:00 PM

I would undoubtedly buy one (in black!) in either variation, though I prefer a front load. I do like the look of the top loader though, it reminds me of the animal inverse in form, which is not a bad thing.