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Reply to BMX & MTB 5/6/2019 6:56 AM

Many people do both and it does help bike control. I have a friend who does both and his bike control and endurance is insane

Reply to The "I went riding today" -thread 4/5/2019 3:46 AM

Yeah it's weird because this lady I've had trouble with forever and ive been nice to her but she still causes trouble and calls. The guy that owns the whole plaza even said my group and I can ride there but guess not anymore

Reply to The "I went riding today" -thread 4/4/2019 6:24 PM

I got a tresspassing warning for riding a plaza today smh

Reply to Price/Bike check 4/3/2019 7:23 AM

I'mma disagree, the Kent chaos is the way to go

Reply to Should I powder coat or paint my frame? 4/2/2019 7:10 AM

Yeah powder coat it

Reply to Price/Bike check 4/2/2019 7:08 AM

Yeah wait for a better deal on another bike

Reply to Price/Bike check 4/2/2019 7:05 AM

Listen dude I started on a bike like that but do not offer the seller much it's probably a Walmart bike tbh

Reply to Music To Ride To 3/22/2019 5:07 PM

I listen to a lot of 90s and early 2000s rock, I listen to so many different genres within this label that it is hard for me to say that I have one genre. Basically I listen to what sounds good to me?

Reply to Chain tensioners: yes/no? 3/1/2019 9:21 AM

It wouldn't be worth it at all

Reply to My mom won't let me buy a bmx please help 2/7/2019 5:34 AM

That's hilarious good one

Reply to Is subrosa a good brand? 2/4/2019 10:22 AM

I ride a subrosa and I have had no problems yet with both their parts and Shadows parts

Reply to The "I went riding today" -thread 2/4/2019 6:18 AM

That sucks

Reply to Of the people who ride brakeless, how many of you ride on the street? 2/4/2019 6:11 AM

I run brakeless, I ride street and commute on my bike. I will say I have to be extra aware of my surroundings when I ride

Reply to Someone just jacked my bike 2/3/2019 12:15 PM

Be on the look out bro you may find it