Jonathan Singer 2019 bike check

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Frame: Sunday Street Sweeper. Misc.: 20.75 raw
Fork: Odyssey r25. Misc.: Black
Handlebars: Odyssey Aaron Ross BOSS. Misc.: Black cut to 27.5
Bar ends: Shadow Conspiracy Deadbolt Alloy. Misc.: Black
Stem: Shadow Conspiracy Treymone Top Load. Misc.: Ignite colorway
Grips: Duo Brand Cranmer Grips. Misc.: Found a few pairs for sale somewhere a while back and I'm still using them up
Headset: Other Rapture headset. Misc.: It's a brand owned by a local scooter rider
Cranks: Demolition Rig 24mm. Misc.: Chrome
Bottom bracket: BSD Substance XL. Misc.: They are all the same buy the cheapest one you can find
Spindle: Demolition Rig 24mm
Sprocket: Eclat Vent 27t. Misc.: 27t is perfect... Definitely recommend
Chain: Shadow Conspiracy interlock v2. Misc.: Black but rusted to a consistent brown color
Pedals: Shadow Conspiracy TSG Surface Plastic. Misc.: I normally use eclat contra but I did a pedal grind on the wrong side back accident and it caught and ripped the pin out of the plastic wall and cracked the pedal
Brake levers: -------
Brakes: -------
Detangler: -------
Brake cables: -------
Brake accessories: -------
Seat: -------
Seatpost: BSD Not sure. Misc.: They are all the same ( besides eclat torch it's the best)
Seatpost clamp: Sunday Built in. Misc.: Built into frame
Front rim: Shadow Conspiracy Truss. Misc.: Ignite colorway
Rear rim: Shadow Conspiracy Truss. Misc.: Ignite colorway
Driver/freewheel: -------
Front hub: Shadow Conspiracy Symbol Front. Misc.: Best front hub available rolls forever no locknuts to deal with
Rear hub: Profile Z-Coaster. Misc.: I was on an eclat seismic hub (best hub available) but am trying out a zcoaster I got for a good deal used (titanium axle and driver)
Hub guard: Other Stock gaurds. Misc.: I just use what comes with the hubs
Chain tensioner: Other Built in
Front tire: Eclat Mirage. Misc.: I run mirages and they are absolutely great but will probably switch to grifters
Rear tire: Eclat Mirage. Misc.: I run mirages and they are absolutely great but I will probably switch to grifters
Pegs: Sunday Seeley pegs. Misc.: Jake seeley signature peg
General Info
Model Year: 2019
Weight: 23 lb 8 oz (10659 g)
Additional Info: Probably switching to maxxis grifter tires again at some point just because the sound when you have them at 75 psi going fast in a bowl 🤤 Also potentially might get black rims and stem again and take the ignite off for a while.... Probably gonna put my odyssey caliber cranks back on at some point too... And will probably put brakes on for winter since I'll be riding indoor parks only.... Still can't ride for another month or so because of my broken ankle but sometime in October I should be back and good to ride... I'll make another bike check at the beginning of 2020

Vital BMX member Streetornah77 Streetornah77 8/26/2019 11:15 PM

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