2019 Kink Gap XL 4

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Frame: Kink Gap XL. Misc.: 2019
General Info
Model Year: 2019
Weight: 28 lb 0 oz (12701 g)
Additional Info: Ask me questions about this complete bike if you're thinking of buying one...

Vital BMX member SanPedroBMX SanPedroBMX 3/18/2019 6:05 PM

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I'm thinking about buying one but just the 20.5 gap. Is it a 100% full chromoly frame? And are the forks 100% chromoly too?

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No. Get the Kink Whip which retails 420USD. The Gap retails 370USD. Only $50 difference and the Whip is completely chromoly and sealed. The Gap is not meant for expert riding as it is only front triangle chromoly frame, single wall rims, and chromoly steerer only fork. I only bought the Gap because I got it for $100 off on sale and I'm 28 and don't ride hard anymore. That said, both these bikes are amazing for the price. The most inexpensive complete options that are worth considering. Only thing cheaper worth looking into is Mongoose Legion L100. But I prefer Kink.

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Thanks man. I do plan on buying the kink whip. It's on sale on ebay with free shipping

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Hell yeah, good deal. They are basically the same bike but the Whip has upgraded parts and is stronger so it's basically worth the extra $50 or so. Here's me riding the Gap at the park for the first time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-GjwuTCle8

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