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Best bar ends hmm 🤔 if you want plastic odyssey par ends if you’re into metal ones cnc titanium are the best ive ever had Ohio is literally the worst state the roads are shit always under construction yet never actually fixed, the majority of people ... more »

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I’ll rub your moms brain cells with my petite baby maker

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then peoples would be crying about bumping an old thread lol

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Yes I haven’t been able to find one that says it can be switched over

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🤔 should make a meme

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If you plan on grinding and its also a plus for running a slammed rear end

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🤔 whats wrong with repping bike companies I support

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What size top tube

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Stolen for sure! the other two are over priced junk, 2019 and still using pinch bolt cranks GET OUTTA HERE!

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... more »

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Probably have 🤣

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Trust me i am an engineer Hahaha!

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🤔 Go back to New York

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Ive seen the fuse 75s they’re well made but i would suggest the 125s if you hold off i am ordering some to test out and should have them some time next week if all goes well