FIT Hartbreaker 4

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Frame: Fit Hartbreaker. Misc.: 21” Top Tube
Fork: S&M Pitchfork XLT
Handlebars: S&M 9.5" Hoder Skyhigh
Bar ends: Other . Misc.: Custom Made Bar Ends
Stem: Fit Van Homan
Grips: ODI Longnecks
Headset: Other . Misc.: Fit Bike Co. headset
Cranks: Profile Column 22mm. Misc.: 175 mm
Bottom bracket: Odyssey
Spindle: Profile
Sprocket: Profile Galaxy 22mm Spline Drive Sprocket. Misc.: 30 tooth
Chain: Shadow Conspiracy Interlock V2
Pedals: Odyssey Trail Mix
Brake levers: Odyssey M2 Lever Medium
Brakes: Odyssey Evo 2
Detangler: None
Brake cables: Odyssey Linear
Brake accessories: None
Seat: Odyssey Aitken. Misc.: Railed Seat
Seatpost: Fit I-Beam Seatpost
Seatpost clamp: Other
Front rim: G-Sport Ribcage
Rear rim: G-Sport Rollcage
Driver/freewheel: Profile 9t Chromoly
Front hub: Profile Mini front
Rear hub: Profile Mini LHD
Front tire: Odyssey Path Pro. Misc.: 2.40
Rear tire: Odyssey Path Pro. Misc.: 2.40
General Info
Model Year: 2020
Additional Info: Bike is perfect for trails and concrete bowl. I love the feel of this frame. Metal pedals for life !! Plastic Pedals wear out way to fast and they don’t grip very well.Love the railed seat and seat post. I hate pivotal seats. I’m going to convert my rear male hub to a female. I also have a vocal bmx bottom bracket spacer on my non drive side that makes my pedals barely move when I take my feet off. Always have 80 PSI. Looking to experiment with tires for dirt/concrete so if anyone has any suggestions let me know ! let me know what you guys think !

Vital BMX member NJBMX23 NJBMX23 1/12/2020 12:32 PM

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Really nice build, I have the van Homan frame and love it. I went from a Hartbreaker and to be honest I only noticed a few positive things different in the Geo. As far as tires I also ride mostly dirt and concrete parks and I currently have a fit faf 2.25 front and mainline rear 2.1. Grip like a mofo. I can't go much fatter in the front due to my demolition forks rubbing anything bigger than a 2.3. I'm going to try out the Relic Flatout tires next. They seem to be the bees knees

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Dope build man. That’s my type of bike. Very similar to what I ride. I ride dirt jumps and concrete bowls. I’ve been messing with different tires lately. Right now I’m running demolition enarson rig in front with momentum in back. I like it. Fast and grippy. Also ran Odyssey aitken front and path pro in rear. That was good too. I even had S&M mainline with speedball in back as well. However I do like front and rear momentum if your riding mostly bowls. Hammerheads are good too front and back. I have a skatepark down the block from my house so it’s easier to just go ride the Concrete bowls.

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I just saw your build. I was between the CCR and the Hartbreaker. Do you like the CCR?? I wish I got that frame

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I love the CCR but if I were to get another frame it would probably be a Hartbreaker or a FBM Steadfast. S&M MOD might be pretty cool too. The only problem I have with the CCR is you have 3/8 axel in the rear. I had to build a new wheel when I got the frame. Profile was the only hub I could find with a 3/8 axel.

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