Back To The Future! With the Hyper JiggaWatt 4

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Frame: Hyper JiggaWatt. Misc.: 21''
Fork: Demolition Elite. Misc.: Chrome
Handlebars: Demolition Suburban. Misc.: V2
Bar ends: ODI
Stem: Demolition Monarch
Headset: FSA
Cranks: Demolition Revolt. Misc.: 170mm
Bottom bracket: Demolition
Spindle: Demolition
Sprocket: Hoffman Bikes . Misc.: 28t
Chain: Other Odyssey. Misc.: Blue Bird
Pedals: Other Straightline Components. Misc.: DeFacto
Seat: Demolition D Fat
Seatpost: Demolition Pivotal. Misc.: the big ass one
Front rim: Odyssey 7KA
Rear rim: Odyssey 7KA
Driver/freewheel: Profile 9t chromoly
Front hub: Profile Elite
Rear hub: Profile Elite
Front tire: Demolition Momentum 2.35
Rear tire: Demolition Momentum 2.20
Pegs: Demolition Dumbchuck
General Info
Model Year: 0
Weight: 21 lb 4 oz (9639 g)
Additional Info: This bike is my all time favorite so far! Best looking and best feeling bike! The Hyper JiggaWatt is so sick! Go buy one(:

Vital BMX member J-doggybmx14 J-doggybmx14 11/15/2013 9:15 PM

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Are you insane? Or did you just buy the Elite Hubs because they are expensive there for must be the best? You are aware that Front Hub has an ALLOY Front Axle that is 17mm at the collars & steps down to 15mm in the center? If you are moderately hard on your Pegs you WILL Crack/Snap that Axle. Another thing.. NO HUB GUARD?! $125 Front Hub & You aren't even Protecting the Hub Shell?!??!?!?! Same for the back Hub too! You're running Pegs on your Drive Side Too!! Profile make a DSG that fits that Hub BUY ONE! The Drivers for Elite Hubs AINT CHEAP! They are designed for Racing or Trails I.E NO PEGS!! I run the Front on my Flatland Bike with Ti Bolts. You have to be CAREFUL with these Hubs!! Bloody Mad Man haha. O.K Rant over, VERY Nice Bike! Loving the Red with the Chrome Bars & Forks! I think you should get yourself some Chrome Cranks too! I sense a like of Demolition too? Haha, Stay Cool.

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Well for starters I honestly only bought the Elite hub because it sounds ridiculously awesome. That reason and for the near instant engagement. Instead of just buying a back one, I thought I might as well have a pair so it doesn't look dumb. The stuff has to match haha. On to the axle, on my drive side I had custom axles (4130chromy) designed for peg use and I have a 17mm adapter to fit onto the 15mm axle for my peg to fit snug in the fork and frame dropout. I knew just having a 15mm axle resting in a 17mm dropout would surely snap in no time. I've never liked hub guards and ironically never damaged a hub because of pegs so I just never bothered to get any. I'm not very gnarly on my pegs anyway. Thanks man for sure! I was thinking about getting some chrome cranks but I feel it looks good how it is. I might just do it to make it look even more badass. You have sensed correct! I love Demolition parts and have never had a problem with them! They look good, they are strong, and are reasonable with weight.
Thanks again!
Jordan Prince

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That's cool man! Totally understand the need for the Engagement! 3 Pawl Cassette Hubs regardless of what the Manufacturer says ARE sloppy & SLOW!! I'm running a Ratchet on my Street Bike & although being absolutely BOMB PROOF my god is the engagement annoying! I have a Mini with a Race Axle that i run with no Pegs, Waaaay better Engagement! I cannot imagine what the Elite Engagement must be like!! I'm running a Freecoaster right now as I'm on a Flat Bike atm! I will be replacing it with a Profile Coaster to match my Elite Front (I know what you mean about matching Hubs! Totally ANAL about that myself!) & the Ezra will go on my Benny L. Cool Beans on the Custom Axle! Just be SUPER careful with those Pegs man. I think i would cry myself if you damaged those Hubs! hahahaha. Stay Cool Buddy!

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