Custom BSD Safari (Vital BMX's 1st Bike of the Week) 17

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Frame: BSD Safari. Misc.: 21.4 ED Black (Sprayed Purple)
Fork: Fiend Embryo. Misc.: Black
Handlebars: Animal Foursome. Misc.: 9.5" Black / Cut down 1/2" Either Side
Bar ends: Cult Alex Kennedy Signature. Misc.: Black
Stem: Animal Inverse Stem. Misc.: Black
Grips: Cult Alex Kennedy Signature. Misc.: Black
Headset: BSD Integrated
Cranks: Primo Powerbites V2. Misc.: Black
Bottom bracket: Primo 22mm mid
Spindle: Primo Powerbites V2
Sprocket: Subrosa Magnum Bash Guard. Misc.: Black
Chain: Other Shadow Supreme Chain. Misc.: Black
Pedals: Animal Rat Trap. Misc.: Black
Brake levers: None
Brakes: None
Detangler: None
Brake cables: None
Brake accessories: None
Seat: Cult AK V2 Pivotal. Misc.: Black
Seatpost: Animal Pivotal. Misc.: Black
Seatpost clamp: Other Integrated
Front rim: Cinema 777 Rim. Misc.: Black
Rear rim: Cinema 777 Rim. Misc.: Purple
Driver/freewheel: BSD 9 Tooth Left Hand Drive. Misc.: Back Street Pro
Front hub: BSD Front Street x2
Rear hub: BSD Back Street Pro
Hub guard: BSD Jersey Barrier Front / Rear / Driveside
Chain tensioner: None
Front tire: Odyssey Aitken P-Lyte 2.25. Misc.: Black
Rear tire: Odyssey Aitken P-Lyte 2.25. Misc.: Black
Pegs: BSD Crack Pipe
General Info
Model Year: 2017
Weight: 22 lb 0 oz (9979 g)
Additional Info: I'm 6'2"

Vital BMX member Gregg666Bmx Gregg666Bmx 9/12/2013 10:33 AM

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Just wanted to say you inspired me to finally join and post a bike check. I bet our bikes feel nearly identical sans rear hub, good taste my dude.

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Sprayed frame using Montana BLK400-4060 Galaxy Purple / New Animal Inverse Stem, Pivotal Seat Post, Rat Trap Pedals.

Had an compatibility issue running the Shadow Supreme chain with the Cinema guard sprocket, wasn't enough clearance and ended up continually snapping my chain. Replaced with Subrosa Magnum Guarded Sprocket, new Shadow Supreme chain and a new rear BSD LHD 9 Tooth female driver.
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NEW FRAME! BSD Safari 2017 21.4" Top Tube / Animal Foursome 9.5" Rise bars (Chopped down 1/2" on either side) / Cinema Reel Guard Sprocket / Odyssey Aitken P-Lyte 2.25 Tyre Front & Back new / Sprayed stem black
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Changed rear tyre / Stem spray paint starting to peel so its rasta again / Took off and changed up a few stickers & took tennis ball out of the front wheel - 22/01/2018
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New rear hub + Rear pegs / Changed rear tyre / Cleaned sprocket so its rasta again / Added a few stickers & tennis ball in front wheel - 25/08/2017
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