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Reply to The planet isn't going anywhere...we are! 7/27/2011 11:42 PM

Not that I'm a tree huger or anything because i am far from it and i don't try to help the environment at all, but this guy was just so ignorant. He said all this stuff about not caring about endangered animals and stuff like that which is really stupid ... more »

Reply to Twombolts, Teams or Profiles? 7/27/2011 11:10 PM


New thread Twombolts, Teams or Profiles? 7/27/2011 8:05 PM

Okay so all day at work (lonestar bicycles) today my coworker and I argued about which of the most popular cranks are the best? I have owned Stolen Teams and Profiles and havent ever snapped them but i just loved my Teams so much more than my Profiles. ... more »

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Reply to Shadow Ravager Metals 7/27/2011 8:02 PM

my friend has them and loves them, ive ridden them too and they have decent grip. I prefer trailmixes though.

Reply to Definition of NBD (Video) 7/27/2011 7:58 PM

i guess im on the wrong forum?

Reply to Best Hubs on the Market!!! 7/26/2011 9:01 PM

i saw these on craigs lol. i kinda want them.. but i wouldnt even use them

Reply to Need some help with wheels 7/26/2011 3:08 PM

this. you can go wrong with blacksheep rims. but idk if dans will ship to Norway or wherever your at. *CANT*

Reply to Steam 7/26/2011 1:44 PM

its free now, you dont have to pay for it but you have the option to pay for guns and hats.

Reply to ODYSSEY DIRECTORS. 7/26/2011 1:41 PM

i has purple rains. almost new condition just a few small scratches. make an offer and dont be cheap

Reply to Steam 7/26/2011 1:37 PM

tf2 ftw?

Reply to Albes Empire or Dans comp 7/26/2011 1:33 PM

lbs. if not that then empire for sure. they do so much more for the bmx community than the others do.

Reply to What are Sealed and Unsealed hubs? 7/26/2011 7:21 AM

come on people isnt the point of a bmx forum to ask questions? lets all face it, at some time we didnt know what unsealed and sealed was.

Reply to How many... 7/25/2011 4:31 PM

idk pull ups i can do a shit ton cuz i have that pull up bar in my room. max out like thirty.

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Reply to How long 7/25/2011 4:27 PM

this. and realistically its like 99%

Reply to why bikes should be allowed in skate parks 7/25/2011 10:13 AM

its from 2008. how hard is that to understand

Reply to why bikes should be allowed in skate parks 7/24/2011 6:47 PM

not to mention bmxers can stop a whole lot faster


Reply to WTB FRAME AND FRONT WHEEL 7/24/2011 12:21 PM

how much

Reply to i need a bike. 7/24/2011 12:16 PM

if us wana geta no, poser crap bike bmx. u need to get a sunday wit da pink rim cous they are so good/ an de no poser. you gots hit up!

New thread WTB FRAME AND FRONT WHEEL 7/24/2011 11:54 AM

title says it all.. show me what you got.

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