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Reply to S&M B.T.M Frame? 11/11/2010 4:30 PM

like commerical nug, that schawg....anyway speaking of S&M and new frames well sorta new, what's up ith their frame the W.T.F i thought that was suppose to drop around the same time as the Hoder frame???

Reply to happinessbaby210 11/11/2010 4:27 PM

yeah will do, thanks

Reply to happinessbaby210 11/11/2010 4:20 PM,71337/all?utm_source=notification&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=CommentAdded#all that it

Reply to Your current/next order? 11/11/2010 4:19 PM

i got the Madera cranks about 6 monts ago and they are soo sick, no flex, there really pretty much profiles just cheeper, with the Profile GDH Spindle, best spindle out thats not ti, they got a lifetime warranty and Profile is really good with warranties, ... more »

Reply to Your current/next order? 11/11/2010 4:10 PM

i justed ordered yesterday... -eastern ringer stem black -cult let em talk dvd -pryme riding gloves(for the winter) -cult logo snapback hat

Reply to Has anyone noticed... 11/11/2010 4:08 PM

defenitly not annoyin I don't think, because I remember when I was a kid and I always looked up to the local bikers and skaters, and now that I am one I try and be a good roll model to the kids,and talk to them and help them with tricks, lol...I am also ... more »

New thread happinessbaby210 11/11/2010 3:57 PM

did anyone else get a bunch of messages from this user??? If anyone knows who this is that would be great, but i believe its a hacker and just giving ppl heads up, this person sent me this message literally 20 times: "Hello My name is Miss hapiness, ... more »

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Reply to eastern ringer 11/10/2010 3:39 PM

yeah got a couple old fit stems n an animal one that are always good fall backs, i just wanted to try this one and give eaternt the benefit f the doubt for once lol, but i alwasy got the heavy duty stems to go back to if need be, like u pretty much said ... more »

Reply to eastern ringer 11/10/2010 2:59 PM

yeah i actually just ordered the ringer stem, should have it on monday, im psyched...i dont know i have heard mostly good things about it compared to all the other eastern stems this one sounds way better, and i like how they come with regular stem bolts ... more »

New thread Demolition Stealth stem 11/4/2010 5:16 PM

soo I was wondering if anyone that has a Demolition Stealth stem might know or could measure the stack height for me??? I looked everywhere to find it and can't

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Reply to NEW BIKE =] 11/4/2010 12:27 PM

hows the Easter Ringer stem??? I heard its alot better than the other Eastern stems, probably gonna get one just wanna make sure it doesnt slip like crazy

Reply to Bike Checks that you fancy thread 10/31/2010 12:42 PM

ohh word, thats reasonable then, sorry i was a dink then haha

Reply to Bike Checks that you fancy thread 10/31/2010 11:20 AM

you guys seriously post way to many bikes and stuff on here, especially irideyomomma and bmx is rad, seriously i posted my bike on here and now i get like 20 messages a day from this thread because of you 2, how many bikes can post up on here, is this ... more »

Reply to eclat headset?? 10/27/2010 5:30 AM

yeahh well mine works alright, i mean it defenitly had to be broken in, but if i could recommend a headset to anyone it would 100 percent be the FSA Impact headset for sure

Reply to **Official rawing/painting thread!!** 10/23/2010 5:37 PM

what kind of primer did u use??? just generic or did u not do it yet?

Reply to crooked grinds????? 10/22/2010 7:50 PM

does anyone do them?? are they hard or what?

Reply to crooked grinds????? 10/22/2010 7:06 PM

whoops i just did my post before this one when you were doing urs but u beat me to it lol

Reply to crooked grinds????? 10/22/2010 7:06 PM

whoops i just did my post before this one when you were doing urs but u beat me to it lol

Reply to crooked grinds????? 10/22/2010 7:05 PM

naw well im pretty sure there called crooked grind, when your back peg is on the rail and then your opposite front side is on the peg too, its like a double peg grind except your the front you grind on the opposite side, well heres a pic , idunno they ... more »

Reply to good bars 10/22/2010 6:53 PM

any of them for the most part all good, just depends what u like for specs on them like a high upsweep or back sweep and all the other stuff, pretty much most bars are the same for the most part, i mean don't get me wrong of course theres always gonna ... more »