Sunday Ian 21" 9

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Frame: Sunday Ian Schwartz
Fork: Odyssey R32
Handlebars: Sunday Manhandle Bar
Bar ends: ODI Pllugs
Stem: Odyssey CFL v2
Grips: ODI longneck
Headset: FSA Impact
Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolt Socket Drive
Sprocket: Tree Lite Socket Drive. Misc.: 30t
Chain: Odyssey Bluebird
Pedals: Odyssey Jim C. Misc.: Magnesium (sealed)
Seat: Odyssey Principal. Misc.: (w/custom cover)
Front rim: G-Sport Birdcage
Rear rim: G-Sport Birdcage
Front hub: G-Sport Marmoset
Rear hub: G-Sport Ratchet. Misc.: (10t)
Front tire: Odyssey Aitken 2.45
Rear tire: Odyssey Hawk P-Lyte 2.2
General Info
Model Year: 2008
Weight: 23 lb 4 oz (10546 g)

Vital BMX member DomkeBoy DomkeBoy 5/12/2019 11:36 AM

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Thanks. Yeah I for sure know I don't like bars too short. Seems like even 9" feels a hair too short even in a top load. I think 9.25 might be the magic number but I'm still getting the feel.

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I agree, aside from this bike (9.75” frontload), on my other bikes I bumped it up to like 9.125” with toploads. Feels perfect even for being kinda tall. The combo on this bike actually ends up at the same height.

Oddly enough almost half my life later I’m gonna try about a 1/2” taller than all those bikes. With the exact same race bike I referred to earlier, because I’ve actually revived it recently. Im interested to see how it feels along with a much shorter stem going real fast.

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Depends. You probably wouldn’t notice unless you’re throwing bars and whips a lot. Bigger bars are usually heavier. Plus the point of contact is lower so it would make a bit of difference technically.

For me it’s mostly looks. I’ll do bars and whips on either. Which o honestly hardly do in the first place.

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I bought a bike with 10"s and a top load and it feels good to me. It hasn't affecting my pitiful attempt at barspins. Feels good. I only go 180 so far. LOL.

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Thanks! Yea it’s pretty light considering it’s setup for brakeless/pegless. I’m just a hair over 6’ 1” and I usually riding a 21.25” TT this frame feels great though.

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Yeah I'm shopping for a bike lately and I was on a Gap XL yesterday. I'm only 5'7" and I think 21" is a bit too big for me. I think I'm gonna stick with 20.5-20.75 if I can. I don't know how you tall guys don't feel like you're hunched over terribly. LOL. But I'm getting old and staying more upright feels better. LOL.

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Honestly, probably 13 years ago there was one pair of “big bars” on the market. Solid Rosanne Bars which are 9x32. Those and a top load stem on my race bike changed the game for me. Nowadays every bike I have something at least that tall. Bigger bars will help shorter guys too I promise. With toptube length it’s all about the wheel base for me.

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