Tech Tips: BMX Tires 12

Good BMX tires can change everything. Check out these tips on your last point of contact with the ground.

Credit: Vital BMX

C50_109462490_1244913570 GlennPPMilligan 5/5/2009 9:57 PM

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Could you do a video on wheel lacing and unlacing

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I used to run low psi and it ruined my front rim.
And I think Maxxis is the best street tire to answer your question.

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Well, over 2.0 is best for front and over 60psi;
For back 1.95 or lower is best, over 70psi is saving your rim;
I personally ride 70-80psi front 20X2.10 and 90-100psi rear 20X1.95. I am happy with it

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