Power Hour: Ryan Guettler at Sheep Hills 13

Ryan doesn't let a few hard crashes and a whole lot of blood keep him from destroying legendary Sheep Hills in sixty minutes.

Credit: Ryan Galvan

C50_profile_pic_fish rwg2008 6/21/2012 5:20 PM

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the real question is: did they pause time when he busted his nose? does that still count as a power hour?! someone get adam22 on the phone and figure these rules out!!!

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Everything is cool apart from the Monster product placement. that drink is shit, anyone who is serious about sport knows it. why would you peak your energy as opposed to proper energy from good drink and food. even beer is better than that shit it just makes me so livid and i think its so sad because these guys don't even drink that shit, they fill it with water. they PRETEND to drink it and people go out and buy it, its green shit!! shit!! great riding though, thats what BMXing is about.

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So sick... I love it when pros crash and just keep on going and still do amazing. It shows a lot about them and their riding.

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