2011 Vital BMX Game of BIKE: Dennis Enarson vs Chad Kerley, Round 3 6

Dennis Enarson and Chad Kerley square off during round three of the 2011 Vital BMX Game of BIKE. To watch more matches, visit the Game of BIKE page. Full results are available here.

Special thanks to our sponsors: Vans, Dan's Comp, Haro, Pro-Tec, GoPro and MovieTickets.com.

C50_127351170_1266213348 kylecarlson 10/4/2011 11:29 PM

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i dont understand why they just dont edit to cut out all the gay bullshit i just wanna see trick after trick

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@12.58 baby with Blond eyes & Blue hair? we miss half of the shit cos the camera turns to chad everytime Dennis is doing something

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chad wins the competition, but dennis wins life with those last few tricks. what the hell.
and yes, catfish is completely unneccessary there.as well as an insanely shit announcer

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