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Latest Product Reviews


2014 Stolen Heist Bike

“Amazingly smooth and fast”


The Good: Super light, quality materials, basically everything about the bike.

The Bad: Sucky pedals, stickers start to peel quickly, the stickers look bad.

Overall Review: Really good bike for anyone to use regularly. Not a scratch after riding almost everyday for a month. Overall a Great Bike.

Colony Rear Pintour Wheels

“great wheel”


The Good: shemale axle oil slick hub lots of compliments sounds like the premium stinger

The Bad: cant put on chain gaurd or hub gaurd because shemale axle but possible

Overall Review: my friend rides this wheel and he is a sponsered pro

Tree Bicycle Co. Sequoia Bars Handlebars

“These bars though”


The Good: Perfect for barspins, slightly different from the norm, perfect geometry, threaded barends, tree, just about everything.

The Bad: Slightly different shape could lead to bars bending due to more leverage, highly doubt it though.

Overall Review: These bars are solid. I can not really fault them in any way, and they have the perfect balance of control and manouverability (sp?) .They just feel great to ride and look the part. And for just £26 down from £70 or whatever these bars were and are just the best. I cant imagine myself switching to another set.

2015 Stolen Zeke Bike

“Stolen Zeke”


The Good: Full chromo frame, forks, handlebars. Easy to ride, high bottom bracket so easy to hop and jump. Tires and rims are smooth. Looks pretty cool, get a lot of compliments on it.

The Bad: Handlebars too small, the 1 piece seat and post sucks, uncomfortable and too low for a cruiser. The brakes aren't too good either.

Overall Review: This is my first 26" BMX, and really my first BMX in 20+ years, but I really like it. I like the looks of the bike and that it's 100% chromoly.  I am 6'3" and 240 lbs. and after changing the seat post and seat to a Shadow Conspiracy 320mm and Stolen Kushion it's a lot more fun to ride.  Pretty long top tube makes it comfortable, but not too big to jump and hop up steps.

Shadow Conspiracy Overtaker Tire

“Shadow Overtaker ”


The Good: Great overall tread, Light weight, looks great

The Bad: only one size.

Overall Review: I have these tires on two bikes, front and rear on my park/street bike and as a front tire on my race bike. Many reviews on how they handle park/street so I will write about  as a race tire. The 2.25 makes it perfect as a front race tire providing great traction on all dirt tracks and also ones with paved berms. The tires handle the transition between pavement and dirt on the track wonderfully. the high pressure and light weight make it ideal for racing. The tread has held up (racing almost every weekend this season and sprint training 3-4 times a week) with no signs of balding, and handles the super sandy and muddy condition very well. I would say better than most "racing tires".  Only down side it , lack of sizes. If it came in a 1.75 or even a 1.95 I would run it.

Fit F.A.F. Tire

“FAF-k 1.95”


The Good: good traction, ultra light weight.....

The Bad: muddy or SUPER loose dirt.

Overall Review: I am running this tire on the rear of my race bike. on the super hard packed tracks and paved starting hills and berms, I get all the traction I could ask for. The high pressure, ultra light weight (barely over 13oz)and a tread pattern not to different than a lot of race tires on the market. The only issue I have come across is when I come across super sandy or muddy conditions. But that goes for most tires in general. So for that I do not fault the tire. The tread has held up very well and still has lots of life left( I have been running the tire all season racing just about every weekend and sprint training 3-4 rimes a week) A great tire.

Demolition Elite Fork

“They were nice while they lasted”


The Good: Don't bend easily. Light. Look nice. Feel great

The Bad: Welds aren't too good.

Overall Review: I've had these for about a year and found out they were broken today. But don't know when they actually broke. Both dropouts have a crack going almost all the way around them on the weld. I did like them though before they were cracked.

Stolen Piece Multi-Tool

“Tons of tool in a small package”


The Good: Its pretty small

The Bad: Nothing for what it is

Overall Review: Its pretty cool its got a 5 and 6mm allen, a spoke wrench, tire lever + a bottle opener and to make it better its nice and small so you can carry it everywhere