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Latest Product Reviews


2013 GT Compe Bike

“Not a really good bike ”


The Good: Frame Tires

The Bad: Bars

Overall Review: The frame is fairly solid (big tubes) but the rest are Hi-ten which are weak. The bike came with 2 pegs & my forks bent on the first day doing a double peg grind. I recommend getting better rims with stronger axles because those bent easily too. Overall-Good frame, weak parts.

Stolen Convict Stem

“super durable stem”


The Good: I've had it for about 2 years and it hasn't slipped on me even once

The Bad: nothing just a really good stem

Overall Review: overall a really good stem and you get 100% what you pay for

Duo Brand Resilite Pedals

“do not buy”


The Good: there good if you have wide feet, and they're pretty light

The Bad: they slip a lot

Overall Review: i wouldn't buy them, spend a little bit more money and buy some better pedals that are actually worth the price

Fit BF Stem

“Good Stem..”


The Good: Strong, looks good, comfortable reach and rise

The Bad: heavier than some

Overall Review: Had mine for a few months after i cracked my Sunday stem, and I love it. It's a simple, classic design that although a few ounces more than some stems, is worth it in term of strength.

2013 Haro 100.3 Bike

“Beginner review”


The Good: It's a solid bike and very strong. I've left it out in rain and close to no rust and its been abused heavily but stays like new.

The Bad: It is extremely heavy and extremely hard to learn the basics on weighing in at about 28 lbs. overall it's a horrible bmx bike considering weight and over all feel during tricks. For the same price you can get a way better bike.

Overall Review: Id recommend for strictly transportation and riding around without tricks.

2012 Kink Gap Bike

“Excellent bike”


The Good: The parts last pretty long on it

The Bad: Grips go out fast the front wheel don't last and the back rim breaks easly, the brake cable sucks on it

Overall Review: I've had this bike since it came out and I must say it is one tough bike that can stand a beating. The hubs are good on it just the rims go out pretty quick I had to get my back rim replace because it broke on me and I was never a huge fan of unsealed bearings and the cable for the brakes could be improved more but overall it's a great bike still running strong with me!

Stolen Rebellion Wheels

“Outstanding ”


The Good: It's light and reliable can take a beating

The Bad: Wish it was just a little bit stronger

Overall Review: Overall this wheel is deffently a good buy it is a trusty reliable wheel I've had this wheel for almost 2 weeks but it's sure holding up good and it handling the beatings pretty good but for sure an awesome wheel!

2013 Black Eye Park Pro Bike

“Its decent ”


The Good: Its light and has a nice color scheme

The Bad: I had the bike for less than a year and i already had to change out the back rim cranks handle bars and my frame cracked

Overall Review: Its a good starter bike but it cant handle my riding style its meant mainly for park riding and since i get kicked out of parks a lot I ride a lot of street and it cant handle the stress that comes with grinding.

United Mothership v2 Frame

“Best frame for $300”


The Good: Extremely durable. Orange looks badass. Geo is perfect for my kind of riding. (Which is street) And it's not all that heavy.

The Bad: Absolutely nothing. Despite having tiny paint chips on the seat post when I was trying to put the clamp on, but that was my fault for not taking the bolt out.

Overall Review: This honestly the best frame for it's price, not too expensive but not dirt cheap. It can withstand anything it's thrown at and it will still stand strong. I'm not the lightest rider ever and it's still holding up, even with the impact I put on it. If you're looking for a frame that will last forever, this is it.

2013 DK Cygnus Bike

“Good for a beginner”


The Good: Frame, fork, cranks, chain durability, integrated headset, and the look/design.

The Bad: Grips, height of bars, stem slipsH, front axle strength, no pegs included, seat, tires, unsealed hubs, pedals, and the sprocket bends easy

Overall Review: Starting out, This was my first real BMX bike. It's not perfect but it's good for a beginner. You pretty much need to change the grips, pedals, and seat. The grips rip very easily in only a couple hours of riding. I got super soft odi longnecks and that was the end of the grip issue. The pedals have no grip at all and I reccomend getting odyssey twisted pc's which have all the grip in the world. The seat is nothing more than a piece of plastic so that is also a must change part. Another bad thing is the tires. Their bearable, but like any dirt tires they are thin and lead to flats. Next, the bars are short! Only 8" rise with a front Read More »