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“looks can be deceiving”

The Good: they're grippy, looks cool, and they're very light...

The Bad: ...but that lightness comes with a price. They're weak!

Overall Review:

I was really happy to get these tires untill one of them exploded on me, out of nowhere! I wasn't even riding when BOOM! My rim (FRONT rim!) is brand new, I use a strong odyssey rim tape, my wheel is trued, brand new tube, 80 psi (out of 100 max), nothing sharp on the inside, nothing sharp cuttin through the tire... even so it exploded one day, and that made the tire useless! I think I'm gonna stick to steel beads.

“wobbely wobbel wobel”

The Good: light, cheap

The Bad: very low quality

Overall Review: the tire i bought was not even round. strait out the box and allready had a huge wobble. such cheap productions are more like a joke than a product to me. make sure to check that you'll get a round tire if you order one these bad boys...


The Good: Looks nice, lightweight

The Bad: Slip easy, they bend a lot so it rubs the frame, the bead slipped off the rim and exploded on two different occasions

Overall Review: CRAP. I had the first tire warranteed along with my cranks and the new tire did the same thing a month later, didn't bother to warranty it again because I didn't want to run that garbage anymore

“Good N' Cheap”

The Good: Looks,weight,price.....once inflated,the overall diameter makes them seem like a 2.35,if not, a 2.3 easily.

The Bad: Has very thin sidewalls, which rip open pretty easily. (one of the keys to its light weight)

Overall Review: Just consider your riding style and what you're into as far as disciplines go. If you grind ledges often,then you should probably take a rain check on these. As most people keep saying,they tend to slip badly on certain surfaces. Another thing to keep in mind is that the inflation diameter of the 2.25 version is much bigger than 2.25 (probably close to 2.35....they are massive and are a tight squeeze on some forks- i.e. Fly Tierra forks).

“Amazing i loved it.”

The Good: Grippy, light, huge, stable, fast.

The Bad: Not for trails!

Overall Review: I loved this thing soo much when I had it. I'm pegless though. It was VERY sketchy on trails though. Even fakie-ing out on some rocks I'd wash out.

“great tires”

The Good: They are light, strong, grippy, big and awesome

The Bad: not so good on trails and the wire bead bends and makes my rims look crappy

Overall Review: good for street park and they are okay on trails

“love these tires!!!!”

The Good: awesome tread for park/street maybe some limited trails, lasts a wile

The Bad: the sidewalls go to crap after a few months of grinding:/

Overall Review: i love the tires--fat, great treat, smooth

Purpose Versatile design, meant for ally types of riding
Sizes 2.25 & 2.0 (front is Ruben sized)
Bead Kevlar Bead Folding option only
Thread Count 1.5mm tread depth w/ Soft Durometer rubber compound
Maximum Pressure 100 psi
Colors Black
Weight 0 lb 12 oz (340 g)
Miscellaneous Foldable and light, these tires can do it all.
Price N/A
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