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“Horrible tire”

The Good: grippy price

The Bad: very thin sides and top suck for dirt

Overall Review:

their good for park and thats it if you wanna do dirt jumps or ride in the street forget about it.

Glass of course puncture through.

went through a desert and a sage brush twig puntured through the side wall

“Early days yet”

The Good: Fat Deep tread Lasting very well Good tire drags Good foot jams in the wet

The Bad: Max 50 PSI Want a fatter one

Overall Review:

This is a good tire, I actually run it at 60 PSI with no issues,foot-jamsreally well

Overall Review:

This is a good tire, I actually run it at 60 PSI with no issues,foot-jams really well

“Eastern Curb Monkey”

The Good: I have almost half a year and still are in very good condition. One time I had problems with them, I hit a curb pretty hard and broke the camera. I took them at a low price.

The Bad: i have OEM version and it weighs a lot.

Overall Review: Given the quality / price ratio, is a very good rubber. I recommend!

“Always a solid tire”

The Good: Flat protection from amount of tread. Weight to size ratio. fast on street, park, and dirt

The Bad: could come in a 2.35" as well

Overall Review: I have used this tire off and on since it came out, love it

“If you're thinking about it, get it.”

The Good: Cheap, quick & grippy on ALL surfaces, long lasting. Good for footjams, vaders, sliders. No flats.

The Bad: Tread finally got a tit and tore after a year and a half. But hey, a year and a half is great for tire life.

Overall Review: Favorite tire. Always going to buy. They're cheap, long lasting, good for what ever you do, be it park, dirt or street.

“Eastern Curb Monkey”

The Good: Badass tire while it lasted,good for my need of a demanding bike,tireslides etc. rarely got flats too.

The Bad: had 3 of them 1 High pressure and 2 low pressures, 2 of them got tits(1 on top and 1 on sidewall) and one just blew up.

Overall Review: Badass tire while it lasted me,if it became more durable i'd stick with em, dont know if its just my badluck or what, but all 3 ruined on me.

Purpose Ideal for Street, Trail & Park Use
Sizes 20" x 2.25"
Bead OEM Wire, Hi-Pressure Wire, Kevlar Hi-Pressure Available
Thread Count Hi-Pressure Wire & Kevlar Hi-Pressure Utilize an Iron Cap Layer in Conjuction w/ Normal Casing for Higher Thread Count & Lighter Weight
Maximum Pressure OEM Wire 40-60 PSI, Hi-Pressure Wire & Kevlar Hi-Pressure up to 100 PSI
Colors Black, Skin Wall (in Hi-Pressure only)
Weight Hi-Pressure: 1 lb 6.5 oz (638 g) Kevlar Hi-Pressure: 1 lb 4.6 oz (584 g) OEM Wire: 1 lb 12.4 oz (805 g)
Price N/A
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