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“Great Tires!”

The Good: Fast, grippy, durable, don't wear out

The Bad: The whitewalls aren't white, they're more of a beige-ish cream

Overall Review:

The tires are pretty fast and super grippy. The 2.35" is has the gaps on the middle tread. The 2.2" is just a single tread in the middle with no knurling (not that it matters). These tires lasted me over a year, and that's including braking with my foot on the rear tire. I never slipped on them.

“cool beans”

The Good: Love the red Walls the squeak like a 13 year old going through puberty and they are grippy.

The Bad: They wore down to no tread for me and my friend on month 5 and then when they wore down no more birdcalls from them, but I guess I kind of expected that from riding break less on street everyday.

Overall Review:

awsome tires I highly recomand especially if you like birdcalls ( chirp chirp every 180 ) I got the 2.35 and they are huge, love it , just wish somebody would make a tire that the tread would last at least a year of extream riding.

“Did me well but...”

The Good: Grippy, Look good, White wall doesn't sun fade, Smooth, Fast

The Bad: Overweight, Shockingly not that thorn resistant for how thick they are.

Overall Review:

I enjoyed them quite a bit, i only took them off because the white walls didn't look good on my new wheels. Rode them for 3-4 months and was very happy with the wear, weight was a lil heavy but they still rode nice. had several thorns go through the tire after a few minutes riding at some trails.

“The Best 100”

The Good: ultra grippy, long life

The Bad: None man, they're sick

Overall Review:

ONE HUNNET, i ride street everyday and lasted forever.

“dehart is the boss and so are his tires”

The Good: really grippy, squeaky as hell, many colors, good looking. they are just so good. oh and they arent even so expensive.

The Bad: nothing yet

Overall Review:

good tires for street or anything.. they cost 28 euros in finland and they are the best tires i have ridden. buy them!

“dehart is in my heart”

The Good: they squeak they a really grippy when not wet

The Bad: slip like mad when its abit wet, and thisis because of me doing sliders one side of my front tyre has worn down... woops

Overall Review:

all up its my favourite tyre iv ever ridden and it has Gray wall which is sexy as fuck

“cult dehart”

The Good: really thick, walls

The Bad: idk, i havent ridden it yet

Overall Review:

i Just got the tire the other day and i cant ride because im in gay alaska and theres like 2 inches of packed down snow so i cant ride until like may ):

“Cult Dehart”

The Good: squeak, rarely flats , nice grip

The Bad: nothing is bad with is perfect, is CULT

Overall Review:

Dont lose your time and buy it now

Thread Count
Maximum Pressure
Weight N/A
Miscellaneous Dehart wanted to get away from the “smushy” feeling tires, and we wanted to start designing tires with Kenda. We worked on the correct rubber compound and tread pattern to create Dehart’s first signature tire. black, tan wall 20 x 2.10 and 20 x 2.25
Price $25.99
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