Stolen Convict III Stem

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“Decent stem for the price.”

The Good: Mine came with hollow bolts. Hasn't slipped once yet

The Bad: The anodizing does chip kinda easily.

Overall Review:

It may be $5 more than the budget $30 topload stems but it's still budget and a decent frontload stem.

“I like it!”

The Good: I have it in white, it looks amazing and holds up very well! No slipping yet! And the price is also very good!

The Bad: The guy at my bike shop had an extremely hard time installing it! Hahaha

Overall Review:

i would reccomend this stem to anyone that rides. Overall a very good stem despite what anybody else says!

“Great stem”

The Good: Grips bars tight, grips steerer tube well, looks alright, it's cheap! + I am running mine upside down and it's great!

The Bad: Nothing really... the paint can chip of quite easily but hey, who cares!

Overall Review: For the money, it is EXCELLENT!

“good stem for the price”

The Good: it's done better than i thought to be honest, i've had it almost a year now. still original bolts and have run it upside down for a while. held up to big drop trails and everything (y)

The Bad: not a lot really, not the best paint i suppose but s'okay for the money

Overall Review:

it's nice to buy a decent stem if you've got the money but for a trouble free, cheap and decent stem. get this

“horrible stem”

The Good: .................

The Bad: bars slipped several times even with bolts tightened good. same with the clamp for the forks. this is one of the worst stems i have ever gotten. had to keep getting off my bike to adjust the alignment with the forks and the bars. clamp for the forks gave out several times when trying to do 180's.

Overall Review:

there is not a single thing about this stem that i like. very poor quality. not buying stolen stems ever again.

“It's not so bad”

The Good: It kept my bars from moving.....for awhile. I had to clean out the stem twice because of how much the bars moved.

The Bad: I had to clean it out so much

Overall Review:

I'd get it if you needed a stem. it's actually not bad. Just tighten it right and make sure everything is clean and the bolts have grease. But i'd save up and get something thats a tad more realiable

“Nice, but questionable.”

The Good: i have had this stem forever and as long as you tighten it real tight and make sure you replace the bolts when they are near stripped itll be fine.

The Bad: slipped at first when i got it. and once just a tiny bit on a 7 stair, but it was a lil loose so no worries. get some long allen keys so you can tighten it well.

Overall Review:

i love how it looks, never had much trouble with it and it feels good. super light and as far as i can tell its durable. i do it all park street and dirt and it holds up.

“STLN Convict v3”

The Good: bar clamps rarely slipped

The Bad: fork clamp and bar clamps,not very strong.

Overall Review: Hate this stem, I had problems with it my friend doesnt. will never buy a stolen stem again unless its the Clutch.

“I strongly urge you not to buy this”

The Good: It has a nice look and its light

The Bad: IT DOES NOT DO WHAT A STEM IS SUPPOSED TO DO!! The stem slipped on my first ride with it complete waste of money DO NOT BUY

Overall Review: If you buy this you are wasting your time and money.

Reach 50mm
Materials 6061 Aluminum
Colors Black, Dark Blue, Gold, Red, or White
Weight 0 lb 8.8 oz (249 g)
Price N/A
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